The Intelligence Committees of both the House and the Senate became a bipartisan wall of authority today and informed the president of the United States that he lied when he accused former president Obama of wiretapping him. The committee found no evidence that wiretapping involving Obama had taken place before or after the election.

Now the only question is what this entirely predictable outcome will end up being. As of now, it is a story that has not even made it to the front page of the New York Times. When the House verdict came in the story was minor in the Times.

Placement of a story in the Grey Lady can still determine the lockstep reaction of the rest of the media. In this respect, the president's reading of things is fairly accurate. He knows where power lies.

Is this something or nothing?

Have we ever had a president who rants like Donald trump? Have we ever had a president who tells injurious whoppers and gets away with it? What is going to be the ending of the Trump story? No one knows. That is an amazing truth that makes the present seem surreal.

But we cannot stop there. Unless someone steps up and says thus far and no farther. It is unacceptable to have such a President, all of the worst premonitions about what Trump is about and what his associate Steve Bannon and friends like Pamela Geller intend, remain legitimate, real and frightening.

News is breaking as we speak

As this story surfaces, another judge has just affirmed yesterday's decision by a federal justice in Hawaii to halt the president's second Muslim ban.

This is clearly ranting fodder for the president. If one adds up a budget which is bound to alienate supporters who depended on him to make things better, the decisions of courts that confirm his penchant for the unconstitutional and two houses of Congress within 24 hours saying he lied about a highly important matter, are we not surmising an unthought-of possibility?

Could there be an intervention?

A committee, a solemn committee that is bi-partisan and aware that history rides on their shoulders intervenes and seeks to prevail on the President to leave office before what is now something controllable becomes something terrible. This may now be a possible way forward.