No one can say things aren't moving. The real questions are how and where. The Gorsuch confirmation hearing begins Monday and it promises to be a bruising battle. But if one examines the background of the matter the real news might be in some lower paragraphs of the New York Times account of the coming battle in the Senate. It examines the Federalist Society.

Taking over the judiciary

If the Federalist Society has its way the how is simple. We will make sure we have our people on every judges' chair that mean anything forever and ever. This is backed up by big and dark money.

If you want to know where to, try all the United States of America.

An ecumenical coup

The conservative takeover of America is ecumenical. It is the big tent. It is the nuts. And do you know why I say that? Because of our friend Google, that do-no-harm corporation known also as Alphabet. Google is chock in the middle of Federalist Society's corporate donors along with Chevron which is an oil company as you know. When the Federalist Society says free market it means to sweep away regulations. There is no such thing as a Democrat you should not oppose. There is no limit to a money spigot that can inundate any opponent in a local judiciary election. Woe to the hopeful who depends on nickels and dimes.

Those Kochs

The New York Times notes that the Federalists unite Charles G.

and David H. Koch; the family foundation of Richard Mellon Scaife; and the Mercer family which aided Donald Trump and helped Breitbart come into being. The Koch enterprises are reported to be 22 among a ranking of the world's most egregious polluters. Breitbart has been home to some of the most noxious insults of races, groups, and individuals on the Internet.

Losing as we speak

The power and sophistication of this aggregate virtually assure that we will see a tide of conservative court rulings that are harmful to women and children, oblivious to industrial and environmental dangers, and wrenching from our schooling any vestige of values such as tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. We are talking a revolution in the process of completion. Gorsuch is just icing on the cake. Google and others wait to do us in.