President Trump in his first week in office authorized a commando raid on a terror hideout in a remote village. The raid was not an unqualified success and senatorJohn McCain termed it a failure. One Navy Seal Chief Petty officer Ryun aged 36 was killed. 3 more Seals were injured and a 75 million dollar helicopter was damaged and had to destroyed. The president termed the operation a success and went to receive the body of the fallen soldier. News has now come that the father of the slain commando refused to meet the president. He had felt that the raid was not required as the place is desolate and barren and not worth the life of even one American.

He blamed the president for the raid and death of his son.

President approved the raid

The raid was approved by Donald. He would have been aware that the last raid was in 2011 and was a relative failure. The purpose was to rescue 2 hostages held in a mountain hideout. As the raid commenced the hostages were killed. The raid had failed in its objective.

Raid a failure?

This time also the terror group were alerted of the raid, perhaps with the sound of the helicopters which were flying low. A proper assessment of the enemy and his capability to fight was not made. The result was the commandos came under intense fire including women fighters. The battle lasted almost 50 minutes. The Seals called for air support.

In the resultant bombing, many children and women were killed.

The White House claimed the raid a success Knowledgeable soldiers including John McCain have termed it a failure. A raid in which children are killed cannot be termed a success.

The raid led to the death of Chief Ryun. Since 2011 there are no boots on the ground in Yemen.

The raid was thus poorly planned and perhaps was approved by the president to show he meant business. However, a needless life was lost and one may well ask what was achieved.?

Last word

The anguish of the father who lost a son cannot be understood by a man who never served in any fighting force. Donald Trump has to keep his head on his shoulders. With 3 generals in pivotal positions in his administration, it is incumbent on him to be circumspect while ordering military missions.