After the news struck this past Wednesday that President Donald Trump was going to be lifting the protection law for transgendered students to be able to use the restroom of the gender they identified with, it's easy to say that people were not happy. While some expressed their anger over Twitter and others took more of an extreme by protesting in front of the White House - this clearly raises a red flag about our new president and his administration.

Does Trump support LGBT rights?

While Trump's motives have always been questioned when it came to his stance on the LGBT community, it's been said that he only made the change because he felt it should be more of a state issue rather than a federal one.

While his new Attorney General, Jeff Simmons, was all in favor for lifting rule, the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos was not in favor.

Even though it has been stated that all schools should still be working to protect students from any kind of bullying, discrimination, and harassment, the lift still raises eyebrows and questions Trump's actual motives. In fact, since Trump selected Mike Pence to be his VP, his stance on equal rights for those who are in the LGBT community became more questionable then ever. Considering Pence signed an order to allow electroshock techniques as a form of conversion therapy for those who are gay, it truly does make everyone wonder if our President has the best interest of everyone at heart.

Why is this really a problem if it's meant to be a state issue?

The problem isn't just that he went back on an order of protection. The problem is that many people in the LGBT community and people who aren't even gay themselves have fought long and hard for equal rights. Those who are transgender fight to be accepted every single day of their lives.

Every day they must deal with the wandering eyes and the judgmental looks, all while trying to find themselves. When this order of protection came into play, it was shown that the government truly did care about their rights and the freedom to express themselves. Now, it's as if all their hard work has been thrown in the trash.

Those who have fought hard for their rights are now terrified of them being taken away. Those who have worked hard to be able to truly find and express themselves are now living in fear. Trump has been in office a little over a month, and he has already made some of the rashest decisions a president has ever made (let's not forget the muslim ban.) With occurrences like these, it raises an even higher question - is Trump even looking to improve this country or is he just looking to be talked about?