Autism can be hard to for a lot of parents. Many of them are afraid, particularly because of groups like Autism Speaks, focus on scaring people about it.What ends up happening is parents become that lost and scared enough to latch on to basically anything. Others try "natural cures" based on questionable science and/or sanity. On the latter end of this, we have MMS, otherwise known as Magic Mineral Solution (or Miracle Mineral Solution).

MMS and autism

MMS was created by a man named Jim Humble. He founded a church called Genesis II and has proclaimed himself a God from the Andromeda galaxy.

You might be wondering where autism fits in this mess. The treatment is being used as a "natural cure" for that and several other things, including HIV. Of course, any treatment being promoted by a man with delusions of godhood can only be insane. How insane? MMS is sodium chlorite or in colloquial terms, bleach.

How the MMS gets in the autistic person is a matter of personal preference of the parent. Some physically force the child to drink small amounts of it throughout the day. Others get the solution into them by way of an enema. According to proponents of this treatment, autism is caused by worms. The bleach kills the alleged worms and therefore makes the child better. However, there is no evidence that the treatment works or that autism is caused by worms.

The FDA has said that the treatment does not work and people have died from it. A few people who were caught selling the product have gone to jail. It is banned in Canada and the United Kingdom.

A few other things are worth noting. Jim Humble publicly recanted his theory that the treatment cured autism or anything else. However, MMS is still for sale on the Genesis II website and several other websites, including Amazon.

The other thing to note that if someone were forcibly giving a kid a bleach enema and they weren't the parent, chances are they'd be charged with a sex crime.

Treatment is doing harm to kids with autism

If you go on websites promoting the forced ingestion of bleach, you'll note a few things. The parents are obviously oblivious to the fact that they are harming their children.

They'll take about how their child's hair is falling out or how their child is no longer expressing emotion but they will scream over and over that MMS was a success because their kids are more compliant. No doubt after claiming that pharmaceutical companies are out to poison their kids.

This is the hard truth about these autism miracle cures be they MMS or the electroshock therapy employed by the Judge Rotenberg Center. The goal is not to make kids better or even "normal." It is simply to make them compliant. It doesn't matter that people have been killed by this treatment.It doesn't matter that there's no evidence it works. All that matters is that they're compliant. It's the same theory with any and all other instances of child abuse.

Make no mistake, this is child abuse. If you know somebody using this treatment, call social services. You might save a life.