mainstream media has been fueling Trump-haters on a daily basis, leading one to believe that this country stands against our new President. Wrong. The media (or "Fake news") ever since they lied about Hillary winning the election, couldn’t be further from the truth. In a new poll by Emerson College Polling, America trusts Trump more than they do the media!

Facts or fiction?

The media has been giving their interpretation of the truth as they see it at best, and at worst, have told lies to deceive you. Last month, Time Magazine reporter Zeke Miller made a racially-charged statement that the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. was removed from the Oval Office during MLK week. Then, Miriam Valverde of Politifact said, "In context: The Winston Churchill and MLK busts" revealed the lie along with Miller's apology. Why say something like that without verifying the facts? Which begs the question: what can you believe from mainstream media?

Trump supporters have been viciously attacked across the country, some verbally abused, while others have been beaten unconscious. Were there ever any incidents of those Obama or Hillary supporter attacks? Conservatives don’t resort or submit to their animal nature and attack and riot like the liberal followers have nationwide since the election upset.

Press covers negative Trump news

Even now the press is spending all of their energy on an alleged White House crisis, National Security Advisor Flynn’s resignation versus national security. When Tim Geithner (Treasury Secretary) resigned, little or no coverage was given to his trail of scandal, like when he was arrested in 2010 for the AIG scandal, and finally, the “Fast and Furious” ordeal, giving Mexican drug cartels 1,400 guns.

Even now, only the conservative press has stories covering this betrayal of his position.

Mainstream media only covers negative White House news stories, they are campaigning for the liberal or progressive cause, as Hillary called it. In essence, they are no longer journalists. Real journalists report objectively, something the press gave up many years ago. You have to go back to Walter Cronkite, who became the voice of truth in America through accurate reporting.