President Donald Trump has said and done a lot of things that have raised more than a few eyebrows over the weeks since he took control of the Oval Office. One of the most cringe-worthy comments of all might have come on Tuesday morning. The President was in a meeting with county sheriffs from around the country when one began talking about a state senator he had a political problem with.

'Want to give his name? We'll destroy his career'

The sheriff talked about the state senator, saying the legislator was looking to pass a bill that would not allow the sheriff's office to seize money or property after arrest until those arrested had been convicted.

It appears this was beyond the pale for Donald Trump, who looked around the room as though he had just heard that the senator was attempting to launch a coup. He then turned to the sheriff who brought up the issue, and, according to AOL News, made an incredible offer: "Who's the state senator?" Trump asked. "Want to give his name? We'll destroy his career." Those in the room laughed and the sheriff just shrugged. That shrug seems to indicate that even the sheriff who had aired his displeasure with the lawmaker, knew better than to actually attempt to sick the President on him.

Worrying comments

The problem, of course, is that Donald Trump is no longer just someone who has a television show who can play the bully when he tells people they're fired.

The President of the United States offering to end the career of any other elected official is something that isn't done. It's even more troubling when you are talking about the POTUS taking aim at an elected official in the state legislature. Trump is certainly not one to recognize why this kind of thing is more than frowned upon, but would likely raise constitutional issues.

It says something that the sheriff who raised the issue in the first place seemed to know enough to be the adult in the room and keep his mouth shut. That doesn't even touch the issue of President Trump wanting to take someone on because they are fighting for due process of law.