The Diary of a Failed Presidency Part I – The #Bully In The Pulpit:

There is a real bully in the pulpit. The bully pulpit used to be a metaphor for presidential power but President Trump has made it all too real.

President #Trump Is A Mass #Abuser:

The Modus Operandi for him and his spokespeople (which usually consists of Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus, and Jared Kushner) is to blame his predecessors, Congress, the Clintons, etc - To deny, lie, and minimize the impact of his actions. ABC News and USA Today have outlined several of these tactics when fact checking his February 17 conference.

If you compare President Trump's actions to those of domestic abusers, you may notice some frightening similarities: (It's no wonder he is on his third marriage and did you notice that you never hear from his other daughter or ex-wives?) says, "What is domestic violence power and control wheel? Well, there is more to domestic violence than being mean, hitting, cursing or fighting. This is much more than these. It is abuse of power. The abuser does what it takes – physical violence, threats or intimidation – to get control of her or his partner. " #Trump And The #Media:

President Trump's relationship with the media is contentious, inflammatory, bullish, abusive, and unconstitutional (Demonstrating a lack of respect for free speech, free press, and free assembly.

These concepts seem to irritate President Trump like fleas on a dog).

#Trump And The Jews:

President Trump is antisemitic- he sponsors a press conference where he swears off any ties to antisemitic groups who makeup his base of supporters with #Steve Bannon (a publisher of a hate publication) in the audience. Bannon is more than a spectator- he is a major influence in the administration and it shows in the President's policies.

Trump And #Race:

President Trump is a racist - he makes the assumption that black reporters are friends with black members of Congress, parades them in front of the camera like they are his slaves, discriminates in housing, is supported by the KKK, and has Steve Bannon driving his policies. Having black friends doesn't make him any less of a racist than his white supremicist supporters- its how he treats African-Americans and his close ties to hate groups and publications like Breitbart that make him a racist- that won't change.

Trump And #Immigration:

President Trump is a protectionist, xenophobe, and Islamaphobe- He plays on the irrational fear that foreigners will take American jobs, harm us, and Muslims will replace Christianity as the dominant religion in America (all to get votes).

His immigration policies are nothing but fool's errands. An illegal ban on travelers entering the U.S. It is illegal because it targets a specific religion and nationalities (the Muslim countries that he does not care to do business with - which do not coincide with the attackers on 9/11). This policy is now so flawed that it is like a Phoenix that has been reduced to ashes without any hope of resurrection. The Ghost of a campaign promise purporting to enact some sort of “Muslim Ban” will forever haunt President Trump.

The wall is expensive and there is no study into its effectiveness. There are no plans to address the issues of tunnels, planes, boats, ships, and its got to end somewhere. So, there is always going to be an end to walk around. Illegals come from all over South America- not just Mexico. This does not address those that overstay their Visas.

#Trump And #Nepotism:

President Trump is a nepotist - the first family and Kellyanne Conway (in violation of ethics rules) uses the Presidency to promote their nepotistic policies. President Trump shames Americans for not buying items that are made in America while shaming retailers for not selling President Trump branded products in their stores. President Trump branded products are made overseas in foreign sweatshops. This is hardly a boon for American products.