Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the new United States Secretary of Education on February 7, 2017. The United States Vice-President Mike Pence had to break the tie of the Senate to confirm Mrs. Devos' nomination due to the unrest between the senators in confirming Betsy DeVos for the position. There was much disagreement within the Senate, as well as around the world regarding President Trump’s choice of having Mrs. DeVos as the United States Secretary of Education due to her extreme lack of expertise and experience in education.

A position such as being the United States Secretary of Education, is one of great power and even greater weight, ensuring that every man, woman, and child in the United States has the opportunities and resources needed to get the best education they possibly can.

Usually, the position of being the United States Secretary of Education is given to someone who has experience in dealing with matters of education. A few of the issues with Betsy DeVos being the United States Secretary of Education are that she does not have a degree in education, has no experience in handling education reform, and she does not have any knowledge of student loans -- as she and her family have never needed one.

What does this mean for us Americans who value education and our children’s education?

The Senate confirming Betsy DeVos shows that there is no longer value in someone having the necessary experience to obtain such a major role in our country, and that we as a people need to start holding our senators, congressmen, and congresswomen accountable for their decisions that deeply affect our lives.

We must act and fight to protect the value of our education, our children’s education, and ensure that Betsy DeVos and those around her do their job for the benefit of all people.

Hope for the future

Betsy DeVos should be given a fair chance to effectively do her job, but it is not unfair to be apprehensive about her, especially when looking at her nomination hearings and the manner in which she answered questions.

Let us hope that she does right by us, the American people, and especially does right by our children, for they are indeed the future, and deserve any and every educational opportunity that will help them succeed in life.