Russia has been on the lips of every left-leaning pundit and a fair amount of left-leaning politicians since the 2016 Elections. Many of them say that Russia influenced the election either by hacking the Democratic Party's e-mails and/or by promoting bogus conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Even if they did, it doesn't matter because voters don't care and Congress wouldn't do anything about it anyway.

Concern about Russia tanking among independents

While concern about Russia is high among Democrats and low among Republicans, there were a fair number of independents and moderates who were also concerned.

However, that number is rapidly dropping. According to a CNN Poll taken in March, 54 percent of independents were concerned about the contacts between the Trump campaign and agents of the Russian government. When the same poll was taken in July, 43 percent of independents were concerned. It's clear that this won't convert voters.

Even if people were concerned and the investigation into what (if anything) happened between President Trump and Russia were to uncover something significant, it would fall on Republicans to impeach him and they won't (if for no other reason than to avoid the wrath of his base). In other words, impeachment is a total pipe dream.

Russia distracts Democrats from issues important to voters

President Trump said it himself: Russia is a good distraction for Democrats. Every moment they're focusing on something that the majority of unaffiliated voters don't care about is a moment they're not shifting the battleground to something voters do care about. It's not as though President Trump hasn't given them plenty of red meat.

Take nursing home abuse for example. Late in his presidency, President Obama signed an order banning nursing homes from making residents give up their right to sue them and go to arbitration instead. Disability rights advocates hailed the move since arbitration favors nursing homes. President Trump plans to rescind that order.

Though there is some movement from House Democrats to fight the President on this, there's not nearly as much outcry as there has been about the Russia scandal (or possible lack of one). This is an issue that resonates with many elderly voters. Yet it's largely been left on the table to pursue impeachment pipe dreams.

Democrats have been able to snag seats at the state and local special elections. Some of these have been Republican for generations. Why? They focused on issues that were important to local voters. In the national elections, they've fared poorly because the DNC starts injecting talk of impeachment into the mix. They need to abandon talk of impeachment and focus on the matters that independent voters care about. Russia isn't one.