It's amazing how so many people in this country are so uptight that mere words can throw so many of them into such a frenzied state of hysteria. It didn't take too long for President Donald Trump to issue a ban on people coming from countries designated to be potential threats to the United States before all hell broke loose. People started protesting all over the country to decry what they seem to believe is an all-out ban on Muslims coming to the United States. Nor did it take too long for Democratic politicians to take advantage of their grievances.

So, what are the grievances?

First off, this is not a 'Muslim ban'

If this action were a ban on Muslims, it would affect the entire 57 Muslim-majority countries planet Earth has. It doesn't. As a matter of fact, it would have affect countries with large Muslim minorities or pluralities such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, and India. The only countries on this list are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia. In fact, Islam's most populous countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh aren't on the list, thus making it a little hard to make the case that this order is a ban on all Muslims.

It's actually called 'national security'

All that President Trump is doing is keeping people from arriving in the United States if they're coming in from countries that have been designated to be dangerous.

President Obama's administration had the same position on these seven countries. Obama's supporters will point out that there are differences between how Obama dealt with travel bans and how Trump is dealing with them, but in any case both presidents have designated these seven Muslim-majority countries to be places where a jihadist could sneak in.

In fact, the last six presidents have banned travel from certain countries.

Where then, does the logic of the protesters come from?

People seem to have a big problem with something that seems to not be a problem at all. Protest groups in airports across the country have ranged from handfuls of people to thousands. A judge in Brooklyn has granted a stay against the executive order.

If there is no reason to believe President Trump is breaking any laws or discriminating against a religious group, why all the hysteria? The answer may lie in the psychology driving the people making a big deal out of this.

Trump seems to have scared the heck out of people

While campaigning in 2015, then-candidate Donald Trump said he was going to enact a ban on all Muslims coming to the United States. This idea goes against everything liberals in the United States believe: ethnic diversity and immigration of any people for any reason. The idea of keeping people out of the country for any reason offends their sensibilities. If Donald Trump, a man the left in America seems to hate blindly, were to come out and say something totally outrageous like enacting a complete ban on Islamic migrants, liberals might take any kind of action on immigration as a "Muslim ban."

They could be taking bait Trump might be leaving out for them

This could be a paranoid idea, but Donald Trump might want left-leaning people to be acting hysterical right now.

After all, if so many of them are making such a big deal out of nothing, that would make him look good. Some have criticized Trump for not being a very down-to-earth candidate for the presidency, but he'd look much more sensible if he were to do something to make political opponents look less level-headed than him. After all, Quinnipiac just came out with a poll showing more Americans happen to support his travel restrictions than oppose it.

Keep up the good work, protesters!

The best thing to say about people protesting against the travel ban is to keep up the good work. This president is struggling to get past the 50% mark in his approval ratings, and he's got a congressional midterm to deal with next year. Hysterical liberals might be the thing Trump needs to make himself look good going forward.