In many ways the Presidential campaign is a circus side show made up of serious moments such as Primaries, debates and the presentation of political agendas and lighter moments from the hustings where each state hosts its traditional events in order to attract votes to one candidate or the other. Today Donald Trump will begin understand that the true judgment of the man will begin today the crowd that showed up .

Over the last few months the public has seen accusations made against the man and his campaign team. At the same time Donald Trump had fed the reactions with a series of tweets that either angered his opponents, or delighted his supporters.

The moment he steps into the Oval Office as President #Donald Trump for the first time will be the true beginning of the new phase not only of his personal life, but also the political life of the United States and the rest of the world.

Judgment will be for the future

It would be unfair to already brand him according to his past life. The swearing in ceremony will already have made him understand that the Presidency is not a reality show and the presence of foreign dignitaries will be able proof that the whole world is watching him.

Nobody has the right to prejudge him from this day forth. The ultimate judgment will be made in the future by those who will know the consequences of his actions and decisions.

But there is only one thing that anyone can truly say about him. From today on Donald Trump will only be able to point to one person for his eventual successes and failures and that person is only Donald Trump himself. We can only hope he does not learn this lesson when it is already too late.