President Barack Mohammed Obama was the first president of the United States who was an afro-American and a man whose father was a Muslim. This per se does not have much meaning except blacks for centuries have been discriminated against and Muslims are looked at with distrust. He had a connection to both. One is apt to be charitable with the rule of eight years of Obama but during these eight years, he failed to do what he had promised. He had promised an end to wars, but that did not happen and despite inheriting a relatively calm world environment he leaves behind many unfinished issues and the rise of Islamic terror groups making the world a more dangerous place.


When Obama took over as President he promised an end to all wars but he is leaving with a war still on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US is getting embroiled in both and the new president will have to take some quick decisions. When Obama took over the Taliban had been defeated in Afghanistan, there was no ISIS and Libya was peaceful and Iraq was stable. After 8 years we see that the ISIS has become a global force striking at will and Iraq is mired in a bloody war, the Taliban has made a startling comeback in Afghanistan and Iran is flexing its muscles and taking American sailors as prisoners.

Even China is aggressive and he has not been able to control Pakistan and overall he and his secretary Hillary have not covered them with glory in the killing of the US ambassador in Libya.

Overall it's been a downside and it is not helped that he never used the world Islamic even once to classify the terror groups operating all over. The world is a much more dangerous place now.


He couldn't shore up the economy and he leaves with a 3 trillion dollar deficit in the budget. Obama could have done much more but perhaps he was constrained by his background and his connections.

He claimed he was a Christian but he allowed some things to happen that have raised a question mark. In the dying period of his presidency, He has tried to delegitimize the election of Trump by taking action against Russia for so-called cyber attacks as well as tried to put the clock back in US- Israeli relations. The new president has been presented with a fait accompli. Obama became president with great hopes but to many, he failed to deliver.