A cozy life punctuated with an assortment of hyphenated lavishness amidst all tranquility is without a doubt the direst need of the human populace. Such a dream this is, except is it still valid? Let us find out.


Every step of life is an adventure to explore the underlying predicament. Many people harbor worthless fears that tend to disgruntle their lives. Happiness thus becomes conditional. People wait to get a good job, enough money, good grades and so on in order to be blissful. Meanwhile, life becomes a tiresome ordeal all in a bid to achieve the personal goals, a delusional glee in reality.

The prolonged wait for joy and the momentary bliss that vanishes to realize a new challenge, the postponement of happiness, is indeed a major cause of mental stress in life. Unfortunately, mental stress transcends beyond race, wealth, social status, age and even educational background; it affects everyone at some point in life. Regrettably, many victims find it difficult to deal with stress. Consequently, they unleash it on to someone else at the least provocation, which is ultimately erroneous or sparks conflict. Luckily, there are easy measures to handle mental stress without affecting others.


Dr. Rosenberg of the American Psychological Association offers some valued doctor’s insights regarding proactive measures that help to reduce mental stress.

Ideally, he recommends identifying stress triggers and learning how to manage them positively. This could be through avoiding the situation, altering it for the best, adapting to it flexibly or accepting and dealing with it objectively. This should, however, be coupled with a number of physical or mental activities such as exercising, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and mediating for mental discipline, keeping company with positive people and updating a gratitude journal.

Ideally, reducing mental stress entails embracing a positively proactive lifestyle.

Avoiding the plague of negative thoughts seems to be the sure means of relieving mental stress. Why not try these proven happy recipes this year?