The colorful event at Capitol Hill which was televised all over the world on 20th January saw the smooth transfer of power from outgoing president Barack Obama to the new president Donald Trump. The meticulous event was attended by former presidents and other dignitaries even though the majority of Democrat representatives abstained.

Protests against Donald Trump

It was evident that the 2016 Presidential election was so divisive and had opened so many wounds of racial discrimination from the past, judging by the massive protests in many cities around the US.

President Trump nonetheless reiterated in his maiden inauguration speech, only Americans should determine the course of their country.

Like President George Bush who came to power after a vicious and highly debatable victory against former vice President Al-Go, Trump enters the White House despite widespread protest orchestrated by an acrimonious election in which Hillary Clinton trashed him with a massive popular vote even though she lost the Electoral College.

Transfer of Power from Washington

The incoming President has vowed to give power from Washington to the American people. Only in this way he believes that the prosperity of Washington can be shared by everyone unlike before where he alleged only the political establishment benefited.

The President further affirmed the ‘America first’ principle on aspects such as Trade, tax, job and foreign affairs. This principle, though some analysts believe may stagnate some global progress on aspects like free international trade, may as well promote the rise and growth of stalled American industries

The inauguration ceremony at the Capitol Hill took place at the backdrop of massive protests of people who feel the new President will bankroll some of the pivotal progress achieved under previous administrations like the rights of the LGBTs.

But if words really mean anything, the populations have nothing worry about because President Trump noted that a nation only exists to serve the interest of the people, both Republicans and Democrats.

Responsibility to serve the nation

President Trump should note that the people have entrusted him with a great and noble opportunity to serve the nation.

He should endeavor to do so with diligence, patience, tolerance and in the spirit of the constitution which he has vowed to protect. In as much as it is widely expected for the majority to have their way, the minority, including some of the media houses he considers to be propagating ‘fake news’ should have their say because the media only exists to ensure the checks and balances in any government.

It’s time the American people go back to work, heal the wounds and passion that may have strained and commit to forging a united front that will make America ‘great again’ just as President Donald Trump has envisioned. In this regard it’s imperative that the American people accord the new President an ample opportunity to govern the country just like other previous presidents.