Stop the hatred

Stop the hatred, stop the senseless killing of innocent people. That could be the battle cry for most of the world in the near future. Many around the world have been crying out for help from the onslaught of religious fanatics hiding behind the cloak of religion. Women, children, Jews, and Christians have one thing indisputably in common, Muslims treat them poorly, and have done so for centuries.

Many Muslims speak of Islam being a religion of peace, but history, recent and past show something different. Christians in Aleppo, Mosul, Turkey, and Israel live in fear daily of an attack for no other reason than that they are not Muslim.

The atrocities carried out by the extremists are almost unfathomable in a civilized world. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Muslim enclave of Turkey this past week cost 39 people their lives, while 40 more were wounded in the name of Allah.

The cruelty is beyond belief as we watch and the world stands idly by thinking this is the absolute worst in people. The beheadings, burnings, raping, pillaging, and mass murdering of innocent people, leaves common, decent people shaking their heads in disbelief and amazement. The scenes unfolding before our eyes are like bad horror movies, and evil is the only way to describe them.

Standing together

The world must stand together to stop this madness now, because like it or not that stand will have to be taken at some time in the future.

Sacrifices will have to be made, hard choices will have to be acted on, death will come to many around the world, and it is unfortunately unavoidable when one side has intended for that to be the outcome for centuries.

In the 14th century Muslims did their best to exterminate the people of India. As many as four hundred million Indians were killed by a continuing onslaught of Muslim invasions on their people depending on who you listen to.

The world learned nothing from this. Centuries have gone by without lasting peace in the region known as the Middle East, yet the world continues to hope for something different.

Some things do change with time, but not this. History shows that extremist Muslims will continue to harbor ill will toward all others. Obviously being accepting of others is not part of Islam, those who say it is have nothing to show to prove that.

Everywhere in the world that Islam has been, destruction, death, pain, and suffering have been present.

Muslims themselves must step up and lead the fight against the radicals who embrace an extremist view of Islam. All Muslims have to understand and accept, that if they want to live among the rest of the world they must assimilate with others. Failure to do so at some point in time will force the others to band together, stand together, and stop the needless hate, one way or another.