Indie Singer/Songwriter Eli Raybon is about as green as they get in the music industry, and it just so happens that his new EP dropping this April is titled “Green." The 19-year old NYU graduate hails from the south but now resides in Los Angeles, where he recorded his debut album, “The Machine & My Dilemma." Raybon’s latest gift to the masses is the outright catchy tune called “Unsymmetrical” from his upcoming EP scheduled to drop.


Upon listening to “Unsymmetrical” for the first time, one can’t help but to cue it back up to play it again.

Besides the song being light, fun, and highly addictive, it is also very relatable to any person who has ever found themselves overwhelmed or disoriented by stepping into a new situation or environment. I imagine Elvis Costello would give an approving nod to Raybon’s music sensibilities after hearing this single, and fans of Costello or The Talking Heads will probably enjoy Raybon’s musical stylings on this song as well. The fast-paced lyrical delivery, and funky guitar groove on the track dares you to not get up and dance, or start tapping your feet.

Back catalog

With only one full-length album under his belt, Raybon has already made an impression as a Singer/Songwriter. The ability to make music which connects is only possible when artists record their truth on the track, and it seems Raybon has already figured this out.

Some songs on his previous album such as “Strange State of Mind” and “Cog” gives listeners a glimpse into a young musician just beginning his journey in life. These slower, more soulful tunes on “The Machine & My Dilemma” remind me quite a bit of John Mayer when he first arrived on the scene. Raybon’s voice is almost a cross between the raspy crooning of Mayer and cheerier pop serenading of Ed Sheeran.


So is the single “Unsymmetrical” worthy of an addition to your playlist? The answer without question is a resounding yes, and digging around for Raybon’s earlier work to add to your playlist would not be a bad idea either. Fans of indie music, and anyone searching for a fun song to put a smile on your face should give “Unsymmetrical” and the young man a chance, definitely.