A few days ago, a White House petition to arrest Madonna for saying the “blowing up White House” comment in her speech at the women’s march, was started. She called for a revolution. I’m all for peaceful protest, and don’t have a problem with it, but citing and calling for a revolution because women can’t get their way with women’s rights is absurd.

Why should we arrest Madonna?

The Guardian called Madonna part of the rising leftwing fascism movement that started after she made the comment that she had thoughts about blowing up the White House. This comment is a blatant attack on President Donald Trump.

In all fairness, she did end by saying that that this action would not solve anything, but it is something that she should be held accountable for. This is why Americans should sign the White House petition.

This is one of many White House Petitions

This is an official one of many White House petitions that are found on the government’s website. The petition goes on to state that the reason why we should arrest Madonna is because she is a so-called icon to millions of Americans. This was a dangerous and influential act that might cause someone to take her seriously. According to the Bill C-51 a person is not allowed to promote terror to other people in this country. This comment to of blowing up the White House (even if meant jokingly) goes beyond freedom of speech.

This leftwing fascism movement is just mad that millions of American’s don’t agree with their point of view. They agree with what President Donald Trump campaigned about. This is what got him elected.

The singer claimed to have been speaking metaphorically, and that she is not a violent person. She wrote that on Instagram. She said that comment because she was looking at things in two different ways.

In one case, she wanted to offer hope, and, on the other hand, she wanted to show her anger and outrage to the crowd. How does saying a comment like that give hope to Americans? This does not promote coming together like President Donald Trump wants.

What do you think about the White House petition that was made? Should Madonna be arrested? Leave your comments below.