Where ever you turn it seems that fake news stories are popping up all over the place. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC found herself on the receiving end of a viral image that went all over the internet saying that “Donald Trump has to be taken out before he ruins the country.”

Some people start stuff like this to boost ratings in whatever they are promoting, but I doubt it very much that Rachel Maddow is a part of this kind of activity. I’m not sure how this all got started. I belong to a Trump friends Facebook group and I saw the post and the comments added were out of this world.

I’ve never seen anything like it. That verbal attack post got 452 shares. I couldn’t believe this. So I thought I’d write something in her defense. I always try and verify facts before I write about them, so I went to her twitter account. There in black and red I saw a posting saying that she did not say what she was accused of.

A verbal attack against President Trump

Where ever you turn there seems to be one verbal attack after another on President Trump. This emotional bullying just has to stop. First you have the case of Russia hacking into the election. I just don’t understand why the press just will not let the story go. President Trump already told us in a press conference that I saw on YouTube that there was no truth to any part of that story.

Another thing that is being written about our president is that according to New York Magazine, Trump is a trigger happy, 70-year-old child. I’m sure Trump gets upset but I hardly think that he is some sort of dictator that's making other people's lives miserable in the White House. Judge Jeanine on Fox News told the American people that Trump is a really nice gentleman and she has known him for around 20 years now.

Fake news stories pertaining to Obama

I am a Republican and support Trump. I never cared for Obama and didn’t like his policies. But Obama got caught up in the same thing -- not really a verbal attack but it can be just a damaging. One of many fake news stories were made about Obama. One agency made up a site that looks like ABC News and reported on December 11, 2016 that he signed an executive order that would ban the pledge of allegiance in all schools across the country.

What kind of fake news stories have you come across? Have you seen a verbal attack on someone? Is the press engaging in emotional bullying? Comment below.