Joel Osteen is the very rich and charismatic pastor of Lakewood Church and he supposedly has nothing but love and the good word to spread around. Osteen, who is a popular TV Evangelist, spreads his messages using many vessels, including the social media sites. You would expect that someone who preaches Christianity and who is held in such high regard with a huge flock of followers to be understanding, patient and helpful. If he wasn't, he probably wouldn't have made it to this level of success right?

What's up with 'Christ?'

Apparently that is the case with Osteen unless you ask him why he never uses the word "Christ"despite being a Christian.

It seems that Osteen didn't have the patience for this question. Maybe he couldn't understand how this can be confusing to some who believe the word "Christ" goes hand in hand with Christianity. As far as being helpful, it didn't sound like he was, when it came to this one Twitteruser. The patient, understanding and helpful Osteen didn't demonstrate any of those traits when he was presented with that question, he just blocked the Twitter user for asking!

It seems one ofOsteen's many posted messages caught the eye of this Twitter user and he found the message a bit confusing.

Matt Walsh, who is a blogger and writer by trade read the message on Osteen's Twitter page, which is posted below:

Just where is that new level?

You have to admit this message isn't as self-explanatory as something like "sticks and stones may break my bones but.....," so Mark Walshposted how he was wondering just what Osteen meant by this message.

He pondered just what this "new level" was that the preacher was talking about. Walsh answers his own questions by posting how there are really no answers to the questions he's asking about Osteen's tweeted message. He puts them to be as beingjust typical "Osteenisms...Vapid, approaching creepy."

Talented blogger hits nail on the head!

Walsh's Twitter page is actually a good read, he has the uncanny ability to take just a moment of strange or bizarre behavior seen in a notable name and by detailing the factors of this statement he offers up some funny, but in-depth analysis at the same time.

It seems that Walsh did some research and according to the World Religion News, Olsteen has a tendency to block anyone who mentions "Jesus" or "Christ" on his Twitter page.

Joel Osteen is a bit of a study with his multi-million dollar mansion, cool cars, and a wife that is almost perfect enough in looks to be a model for a Barbie Doll. This is so far off from the man whose name he apparently won't mention "Jesus." When you think of the origin of spreading the good word in a preaching model under the umbrella of Christianity you think of a man with long hair wearing sandals and a rag for clothes. Moving forward in time to modern-day preachers it's that guy in the 20-year-old beater serving dinner at the soup kitchen and speaking to you from the pulpit every Sunday.