Smell the roses.

When we're children we imagine life being as harmless as smelling roses. That's the beauty and innocence of having our youth. However as we grow the conflicts of the world are revealed and life isn't just about smelling a flower anymore. One of the biggest realities that catch us off guard are relationships. During our adolescence we expect all relationships to last forever, without any fear of us or the relationship changing. Many adults in the beginning of the relationship have this same feeling, which usually elevates to the act of dating and eventually living the family life.

What is marriage.

Marriage is the legal form of recognizing a union between two significant others. I personally believe that marriages are suppose to feel like it's you and your partner against the world, and divorce is out of the question. However in our current society divorces have become even more common since the past decade. A number of reasons may be a cause of the increase of divorces in our society, such as:

  • Lack of communication
  • Infedelity
  • Growing Apart
  • Loss of interest
  • Financial disputes
  • Abuse
  • Boredom
  • Lack of common interest

Gold Digger or not?

This topic originated from me scrolling past a picture of Miami Heats player Dwyane Wade's former spouse holding up a sign stating that she's homeless and referencing him on the sign.

Leading to the conversation of if a ex spouse should be financially entitled to supporting the other regardless of the situation. This is often debated because one of the spouses are more financially well off over the other.Two things were legally created that allows you to leave a marriage without having a negative affect against you.

The first is the no fault bill signed by Ronald Reagan in 1969. This bill allows you to legally file for a divorce without an explanation, hence the rise of divorce in the 70's. Number two is a prenuptial agreement, which is a legal contract that both parties agree to the terms and sign off on in case of divorce. So because of these two reasons I believe that what you bring into a marriage is what you should leave with alongside of everything signed off to in the prenup.