Black Holes are the strangest cosmic phenomena and physicists admitted that they did not know yet what exactly happened inside them. There are many theories and one of them is that advanced civilizations actually live inside these gravitational masses. Moreover, Nikodem Poplawski, a New Haven University physicist believes that our Universe might be located inside a Black Hole as well. He claims that if we were pulled inside such phenomena, our particles would end up in a parallel universe.

He, alongside other researchers, states that a Black Hole is not infinitely dense and small, like Albert Einstein believed, but rather something finite.

Poplawski’s theory is based on the existence before the Big Bang hypothesis. He believes that a “seed” of a very dense matter was formed inside a Black Hole. Michael Finkel from National Geographic said that it is probably a trillion times smaller than any particle known to man. This minuscule particle had enough energy to give birth to the universe we all know, thus it all could have occurred inside a Black Hole.

How does a Black Hole form?

A Black Hole is formed when a giant star remains out of fuel and begins consuming itself. That’s when a supernovais formed and spreads out the star’s matter. Afterwards, the dead star’s gravity is powerful enough to absorb any form of matter and not even light can escape it.

Researchers believe only advanced life forms can manage to exist inside Black Holes

Poplawski believes that Black Holes are gates between parallel universes. The Russian cosmologist Viaceslav Dokuchaev from Moscow’s Nuclear Research Institute presented his theory back in 2011, stating that advanced civilizations, superior to us, might exist inside Black Holes.

He believes that another universe could exist in the point of no return, where Space and time unify. If any life forms existed inside such cosmic phenomena, they could only be regarded as Level 3 civilizations on the Kardaschev scale and, by comparison, humankind is still trying to reach Level 1.

As interesting as this theory sounds, it is actually physically impossible to prove. As far as we know, no man can go through a Black Hole and live to tell the story.