The success and pride enjoyed by millions of vapers who no longer smoke is accompanied bycontempt towards government officials and thehealth sector. Instead of seeing the obvious potential to reduce tobacco dependency, the loss of lucrative tobacco revenue has officialsturning their focus towards replacing falling revenue by taxing e-cigarettes. Officials have cleverly created reasons to tax vaping products.

Creative distractions

First, they ignore sciencesuggesting thatvaping products are 95percentsafer than cigarettes and eliminate tobacco dependence.

Next, they use their position of authority to convince the public they are a danger to children. Saying anything with nicotine should be classified as a "tobacco" product, they argue nicotine must be regulated, but do not include other nicotine products like the patch or gum. Abuse of authority seems acceptable, as alleged experts are eager to contribute their opinions. Persuasion is repeatable by simply controlling the media, who happily obliges. Finally, politicians create bills, generate support from the public to tax these products. Meanwhile, vapers are trying to tell the worldthat vaping is effectiveand worked for them to reduce or eliminate tobacco in their lives.

Government and organizations

The American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown is quoted in a recent NBC health article claiming the (FDA) needs to "hurry up and regulate them" because"[w]e fear that any additional delay of these new regulations will have real, continuing public health consequences."

Olivia Gertz, CEO of California’s chapter of the American Lung Association, says the ALA is proud to co-sponsor a new set of bills introduced in California.

Part of SB 5 X2, as submitted by stateSenator Mark Leno (CA-D), specifically will "Add e-cigarettes to existing tobacco products definition." The ALA website states this and other legislative action "to increase the state’s dismal national ranking in tobacco taxes" could turn out to be a "landmark period in improving public health in California".

What vapers want the world to know

Statements from thegovernment and organizations confuse smokers as well as the general public, vapers say. The organizations who try to convince the public that vaping products are tobacco instead of embracing them as a consumer product to reduce tobacco use are only doing it for financial gain.

One vaper in Nova Scotia had this to say about vaping products being classified as tobacco on his Facebook page: "I had continual failure trying to quit smoking with little or no hope for 34 years until personal vaporizers came along.Wouldn't you be passionate about a personal victory like that too?"

Bruce Nye, R.N., had this to say:

Answers are coming

Vapers look foward to the release of the film "A Billion Lives." Director and producer Aaron Beibert recently reported that nationally syndicated film critic, Ryan Jay, will be reviewing their documentary.

Vapers are looking forward to global exposure for the reasons behind this heavily fought battle, including accountability. Insight to the contempt for government and public health officials from vapers will become clear to the public when this film is released later this year.