Zayn Malik’s name has been in the headlines for the past few weeks. However, the News attributed to the young pop star is anything but positive. Since quitting “One Direction” March this year, Zayn was involved in controversial news. We can remember how he exchanged feisty Twitter messages with ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson and new music producer Naughty Boy (note that his new album is not released!). He also used Twitter to announce he felt happy to create “real music” – as if to imply that he didn’t during his time with 1D, and most recently, news about how he ended his engagement to Little Mix member Pierre Edwards thru text message is the talk of the town!

It is hard to know what is going on in this young man’s head, but the decisions he is making the past weeks are only giving him negative publicity. Is this the real Zayn Malik? It is hard to know. I wonder if this is his way to promote himself as a solo artist. It is true that negative publicity is still publicity but showing a dark side of him will not help. Sure, he used to be a member of the biggest boyband of our generation, but being a successful member of a boy band does not guarantee success if going solo. Take a look at JC Chasez; he used to be the lead vocals for N’Sync alongside Justin Timberlake, but he didn’t get the same amount of success when he went solo.

Zayn should keep his foot on the ground at all times, no matter how big he thinks he is.

There are a lot of new talents these days; fans can easily forget about him. He still has a lot to learn and time to prove himself as an artist. It is true that there are bad boys in the music industry that we still love. Chris Brown is a good example of that, but even Chris had to try to amend his ways and prove he has changed.

Let us just hope that Zayn gets back to his senses. He needs to stop being an airhead or act like a diva because he has yet to prove his worth as a solo artist. You need to stop making enemies, Zayn. You need friends in this industry, especially before you launch your solo album.