'Family Guy' has been on the air since 1999, and it doesn't seem like it's going toslow down. While Fox is the networkto have firstgreen-litthe show, Seth Mcfarlane is the one to pull the puppets strings. With a mind like Seth's, and a company like Fox, things are bound to go a little crazy. For the past 10 years now I have seen the series, andanalyzed it. I started picking up the on traits they showed about a week or two after passingBehavioralPsychology. No one's childhood whimsy is safe here; so lets get started!

First, letus start with the head of the household, Peter Griffin, an alcoholic, Irish, father.

Peter exhibits a clear showing of an Antisocial Behavioral Disorder. Given that Peter has a tendency to show no remorse for any rules he may have broken, an example of this can be pulled from almost every episode. He breaks the law, breaks moral codes, and pushes boundaries. Another symptom of APD is alcohol and drug abuse, an already aforementioned problem paired with Peter’s experimental use of such things as cocaine, methamphetamine's, and cigarettes.

Next on the list is Brian Griffin; Brian is a self-proclaimed novelist and therein lies the problem. Brian shows the perfect definition of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Hehas blown up his abilities, and completely lacks the actual talent to back it up.

Yet, he continues on down the path of assuming himself to be a high-class free thinker. Now, there has been some speculation on 'Family Guy'that Stewie Griffin is in fact not Peter’s son. This is said because their features don’t match, and the detail that Stewie is a super-genius, whereas Peter is a mentally handicapped. However, Stewie seems to almost definitely be Peter’s son due to the small fact that, like Peter, Stewie is has an Antisocial Personality Disorder.

The only difference between the boy and the man is intellect. Peter has a child-like mind so he behaves inappropriately in childish ways, and quite the opposite for Stewie.

Stewie has become a psychopathic Doctor Who roaming through space and time with a narcissist. As far as Stewie's conception, that’s never really explained too far.

That being said you can almost guarantee that it was from a dark place. The reason for this being is that Lois Griffin has an addiction to sex. That being said, there are less harmful things someone can have wrong with them, but man does it come up a lot in the 'Family Guy' series. Lois has so many perversions she could start a porn site with video of all the things she has done; which I don’t doubt she already has.

Last, but not least, there is Meg Griffin. Meg most commonly suffers from depression. With her withdrawal from socializing and her many attempts of suicide she is a perfect candidate for depression. There are many times throughout the 'Family Guy' series that we see Meg attempt to perform either suicide or a murder-suicide. She may possibly be the most damaged of all, yet the one that keeps us all coming back to see more abuse.