Itwas only five years ago, when men wouldn’t dream of arriving to work or a job interview with a full grown beard. Times have changed. This is not an article about how beards fit into this beatnik becoming culture which is spreading nationwide. It is more about how most major firms and organizations are finally accepting employees for whom they are. I always think a man with a beard is a man with a plan. I saw it written on a t-shirt but that's besides the point. Let’s skip the jokes and science of facial hair and get straight to the point.

Like many insecure and self-conscious women who flip magazine pages daily struggling to create their perfect-self, most men have the same timorous attitude when it comes to weight, girth and their overall physical appearance.

It’s definitely how the media and pop cultureproject things regarding how a man should or shouldn’t look.

Beards symbolize wisdom and integrity, great work ethics every employee should possess. One could hold an inspiring resume with excellent references and will come across that one person who feels strongly about facial hair in the workplace, but that may be due to their inability to grow one. Most women prefer the gallant look and men with beards do not abhor other men who have beards. They stick together, everyone knows that. Shaving your beard is no longer a prerequisite for impressing your boss or landing that dream job, for some companies anyway. What you can contribute to the company is what matters most.

It may seem like I'm beardvertising but everywhere you look there’s a man with a full grown beard. Perhaps he owns a microbrewery, or maybe he’s the chief executive of a marketing firm. Whoever he may be, having his face covered with facial hair is how he has chosen to have it. He probably refers to it as a ‘business beard’.

You should be hired based on your qualifications and experience and not your facial hair. If you change who you are as a result of impressing some big executive you’ll find yourself questioning the size of your teeth or the length of your nose. So whether you’re rocking a spade, chin curtain or a good ol’ garibaldi beard, embrace your style and never miss grooming day(which by the way, is everyday).