Clarence J. Brown Jr. was better known by his nickname "Bud" to many people. In addition to sharing a name, Brown would follow a similar career path to his father's.

A Republican, Bud Brown was a member of the United States House of Representatives for almost 20 years. Cabinet-level responsibilities were later thrust upon him. However, Brown also served in many other roles over the years.

Passed away at his home

According to the Dayton Daily News and the Urbana Daily Citizen, Bud Brown has died. An official cause of death was apparently not immediately announced to the public.

Brown was at home in Urbana, Ohio, in the Cincinnati region.

Brown was first elected to the House of Representatives in a special election in 1965. That was followed by eight additional electoral victories. He was elected from the 7th District of Ohio. The special election was triggered by the death of his father caused by kidney failure. The elder Brown had held a House seat from the 7th District for more than 20 years. Also a Republican, he'd previously been Ohio's lieutenant governor and secretary of state.

Senior Brown would be a staunch supporter of civil rights during his career. At the same time, the younger Brown would become known for being a key player in U.S. energy policy. He would be heavily involved in creating several significant laws on the subject during the 1970s.

Brown was also an advocate for nature conservation.

Around the same timeframe, Bud became the ranking member of the United States Congressional Joint Economic Committee. In 1982, he did not run for re-election to the House. Instead, he ran for governor of Ohio. Ultimately, he lost the general election to Democratic former Lieutenant Governor Richard Celeste.

Republican State Senator Mike DeWine won the race for the 7th District. Later, the lieutenant governor and a United States senator, DeWine, are Ohio's current governors. But Brown's time out of public office was brief.

The following year, he became the U.S. deputy secretary of commerce. He held the office until 1988, serving as acting secretary along the way.

Afterward, he was a member of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation board. During the 1990s, he was president and CEO of the United States Capitol Historical Society.

Bud Brown had also been president and chairman of the board of Brown Publishing Company. His father initially launched the company.

Was a veteran of two different wars

Bud Brown served in the United States Navy during World War II. Afterward, he graduated from Duke University, followed by Harvard Business School. He would later return to the Navy and serve during the Korean War.

Brown and his wife, Joyce, would have four children. Among them is the noted actor Clancy Brown. Clancy Brown's movie credits include "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Promising Young Woman."