As the world waits for what’s in store for the future of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, former NFL linebacker Tedy Bruschi shared a fantastic story about his former New England Patriots teammate.

During an “NFL Countdown” episode, Bruschi recalled that Brady two years ago taught his son Dante how to play quarterback in his pajamas. Bruschi said it happened while he and Brady were catching up regarding their respective families. When Bruschi told Brady that his son was playing quarterback in high school, the quarterback said he would FaceTime him and talk to his son.

"Tom starts talking to Dante about how to be a quarterback."

"And there is Tom in his living room in his pajamas, holding a football," said Bruschi, recalling Brady telling his son to show him how he holds the football and even teaching him about his throwing stance.

"But that’s Brady and that’s the relationship, that’s his teammates, and how much he cared about everything that was going on in their lives too," said Bruschi, who won three Super Bowl rings alongside Brady with the Patriots. "He wanted to help them out the best he could," he added.

Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington earlier reported that the 44-year-old Brady is planning to retire after 22 years in the NFL. However, the Buccaneers and even Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr.

, disputed the report, saying the seven-time Super Bowl champion has yet to decide on whether to play or not next season. Brady has one year left in his contract with the Buccaneers after signing a four-year contract extension that is essentially a one-year deal.

No fine for Brady

During their 30-27 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional Round, Brady was whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct.

He allegedly shouted at referee Shawn Hochuli after the latter failed to whistle a roughing the passer against Rams pass rusher Von Miller.

After Miller’s helmet hit him in the chin, Brady suffered a bloodied mouth. Hochuli called Brady for unsportsmanlike conduct after the quarterback aggressively got in his face and used abusive language.

But Brady, during his “Let’s Go” podcast, denied that he used bad language while talking to Hochuli. It was expected that Brady would be fined for his action, but according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the NFL did not mete a penalty on the quarterback. Florio said Brady wasn’t fined for his interaction with Hochuli based on information from his source. It was not the first time the league would fine Brady if he was fined. Nine years ago, the NFL fined Brady $10,000 for sliding spikes up into Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed.