Democrat Ron Kind is currently the longest-serving active member of Congress from Wisconsin. He represents Wisconsin's 3rd District in the United States House of Representatives. The District includes portions of the state's western and central regions.

Earlier this year, Kind had indicated he was considering making a run for the United States Senate. That doesn't seem to be in the works any longer. In fact, he doesn't seem to be planning on running for another term in his current job.

He says he won't run for re-election in 2022

Ron Kind plans to retire from Congress rather than campaign for another term, reports WKOW.

Saying that representing his District was unquestionably the greatest honor of his life, he also says he's "out of gas."

Despite Kind's longevity, the 3rd District is arguably the "swingiest" in Wisconsin. Wisconsin overall has long been considered one of the most competitive swing states in the country. Much of Kind's success has been attributed to his being a dedicated moderate. Twice, he has been chair of the centrist New Democrat Coalition.

As indicated by Politico, his decision to step aside could be a crushing blow for House Democrats. With an already fragile majority in the House, the upcoming midterms could be daunting. Historically, midterm election results tend to favor the party that does not hold the White House at the time.

And there are also other factors. Not least of which is the re-districting slated to be in place for 2022, likely to favor Republicans.

Democrats have been hoping for something more in line with the dominant performance put up by Republicans in 2002. Kind opting to vacate his seat has possibly made this more difficult. And also seems to be part of a trend.

He becomes one of several Democrats from swing districts to choose not to run again in 2022.

Kind is a former Democratic chief deputy whip

As a youth, Ron Kind showed both academic and athletic prowess. He would attend Harvard on a scholarship, where he would graduate with honors. Later, he obtained a master's degree from the London School of Economics.

Followed by a law degree from the University of Minnesota. After working for Quarles & Brady, he became an assistant district attorney of La Crosse County, Wisconsin. Around the same time, he worked as a staffer for prominent Wisconsin U.S. Senator William Proxmire.

In 1996, high-profile Republican Steve Gunderson held the House seat from the 3rd District of Wisconsin. He had already announced the previous election cycle that he would not run for re-election. Kind would win the seat over Republican former State Assemblyman and Senator James Harsdorf. He would win the seat another 12 times over the years.

Eventually, Kind was named as the Democratic chief deputy whip. But particularly as a vocal proponent for shaking up the Democratic leadership team.

On multiple occasions, Kind had been discussed as a possible gubernatorial or Senate candidate. He is a co-founder of the Congressional Wildlife Refuge Caucus and the Upper Mississippi River Congressional Caucus.