On Friday Morning, a Boeing 737-200 cargo plane developed engine problems, making an emergency landing into the ocean waters near Hawaii, according to a Federal Aviation Administration report. The aircraft was a Transair flight 810 that made the emergency landing approximately 1:30 a.m., whereby a team of firefighters rescued both pilots from the plane's debris successfully.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that pilots had reported engine trouble and were attempting to return to Honolulu when they were forced to land the aircraft in the water shortly after takeoff.

Both the pilots rescued

The plane had just taken off from Honolulu's Daniel K Inouye International airport, destined for Kahului Airport in Maui. One of the pilots contacted the air controller about the trouble with the engines. He said that the plane is left with only two hours of fuel and they will need the fire department's help.

In an audio clip, the pilot was heard saying that the plane was running very hot.

The cost guards and Honolulu fire department carried out the rescue mission and airlifted the pilots to safety. According to Reuter's news agency report, one of the pilots was dangling on the air plane's tail. He was salvaged and airlifted to Queen's medical center in the Intensive care unit since he was in critical condition.

The other pilot, who was also in critical condition with a head wound, was brought to the ocean shore using a Honolulu fire department boat.

Transair is Hawaii's main air freight operator

Transair is the leading cargo operator in Hawaii and has been in operation since 1982, and according to the companies' website, it has five fleets of Boeing 737s.

The Boeing 737-200 aircraft is not similar to the Boeing 737max, which was temporarily grounded between 2018 and 2019 after previously getting involved in two passenger airplane crashes.

Other recent airplane crashes that have involved Boeing planes include Ukraine's Boeing 737- 800 crash that happened immediately after takeoff and the Indonesian Boeing Lion air crash.

In 2020, the US air regulators cleared Boeing 737 to fly once again, but recently, the airplane manufacture has come under scrutiny once again.

Boeing, on its part, said they had contacted the US National Transportation Safety Board to work together in carrying out further investigation into the cause of the accidents.

The National Transportation Safety Board sent out ten investigators to the crash scene to carry out more inquiries.

According to FAA, the Boeing plane was manufactured in 1975.

Most of the cargo planes are often those old passenger planes that are afterward converted into freight planes.