Xinjiang is one of the restive provinces of China. The province is home to the Uighur ethnic community which follows Islam. China invaded the province in 1949 and incorporated it as an "autonomous region." The local Uighurs had raised the banner of revolt resulting in a massive crackdown by the PLA. The BBC reported that the USA blacklisted 28 Chinese organizations for their alleged involvement in abuses against ethnic Muslims in the restive province.

The Chinese have launched an education program to wean the Uighur Muslims away from Islamic principles and teachings.

As per reports over 100 thousand Uighurs have been herded into reform centers and schools.

Human rights abuse

The United States has now reacted to this abuse of human rights and 28 organizations have been identified. These organizations have been put on the so-called "entity list" which bars them from buying or selling any product from US companies without approval from Washington. The targeted companies include both government agencies and technology companies specializing in surveillance equipment. This is not the first time that the USA has targeted Chinese groups for human rights violations.

The United States commerce department has said that the organizations are implicated in human rights violations and abuses.

It is well known that Beijing is persecuting the Muslims by detaining them in camps which are referred to by the Chinese as vocational training centers to combat extremism.

Blacklisted organizations

Among the organizations which have been blacklisted are government agencies and technology companies specializing in surveillance equipment.

19 government agencies have been listed.

The Guardian has reported that on April 13, a bipartisan group of US lawmakers had urged the state department to move against Chinese companies because they were complicit in human rights abuses and specifically cited Hikvision and Dahua Technology.

The banned organizations have been implicated in human rights violations.

The abuses include repression, mass arbitrary detention, and high technology surveillance of the person's who are basically Muslims.


The Uighurs, at the turn of the last century, were in the majority. But, they have now been reduced to just about 45 percent of the population. The Chinese brought in settlers from Manchuria and other provinces and changed the demographic composition of the province.

The United States is the only country that has taken cognizance of the Chinese repression. The sad part is that many Muslim nations all over the world turn a blind eye to Chinese atrocities in the region. This is mainly because of China's military and economic clout which has been rising ever since the communists took over the mainland in 1949.

Last word

Donald Trump, who a few months back, hit out at mayor Sadiq Khan is the first American President who has caught the Chinese bull by the horns. Earlier presidents were very soft on China and allowed technology to proliferate from America to China. China made good use of the technology and by reverse engineering and economic espionage were able to rise up as a world economic power. Muslim nations are wary of antagonizing China because they receive a substantial amount of aid from the communist regime.