Donald Trump never misses making headlines and once again he in his inimitable style has lambasted the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. He has called for his immediate removal after three people were stabbed and shot in separate attacks in London, the capital of the UK. The attacks show that all is not well in London, and the Mayor has to take the blame for the deterioration in the security environment in the capital. In a tweet, Trump has referred to the Mayor as a "national disgrace." RT News has reported that Trump had earlier retweeted English media personality Katie Hopkins tweet that London needs a new mayor as Khan is a disaster.


Trump, who has toasted the win of Narendra Modi, has completed a state visit to the UK where he was welcomed with pomp and show. Just after Trump left these attacks have taken place. The divide between the mayor Sadik Khan started just after Trump took over as president and he blamed Sadiq Khan for doing precious little to stop attacks by Muslim ultras in London. There is some element of truth in Trump's allegations as knife attacks have gone up in the British capital during the last two/three years. By coincidence or otherwise, the mayor during this period is Sadiq Khan, a Muslim who traces his roots to Pakistan.


Not everybody is enthused about Trump's comments. The BBC has reported that Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the opposition and the Labour Party has disagreed with the president and in a tweet has said it was "absolutely awful" that the US president was using the tragedy of the dead people in attacks as a cover to attack Sadiq Khan.

Sadik Khan has also hit back at the president and referred to him as a poster boy of the "far right." He has not spelled out what that means. The mayor also made an intemperate statement earlier that the red carpet should not have been rolled out for Trump. There was no need for such a comment. Despite all talk, the facts show that London is changing and the once peaceful city has an undercurrent of violence.

An 18-year-old man was stabbed to death on Friday and minutes later a 19-year-old man was shot dead in Plumstead, south-west London. Another 30-year old man was killed after he was stabbed in Tower Hamlets on Saturday.

London and violence

The police have reacted, and 14 arrests have been made that includes several boys and a girl. These arrests show that there no lessening of stabbing and incidents of violence in London after the 2017 attacks on London Bridge. All these attacks have taken place during the period Sadiq Khan has been the Mayor of London.

The US President is an acerbic and forthright man who does not disguise his feelings and his latest outburst against the mayor of London is in keeping with his character. The Mayor of London needs to ignore the outburst of the US president and get down to the task of improving the law and order situation in the British capital.