Tulsi Gabbard followed Kamala Harris` lead after the first debate. Kamala Harris attacked Joe Biden during the first debate. This attack led to a boost in the polls.

Tulsi Gabbard took the same approach against her. Gabbard did not attack Joe Biden but rather Harris. The attack focused on Kamala Harris' record as attorney general of California.

Tulsi Gabbard questions Kamala Harris` record as California’s attorney general

Tulsi Gabbard was asked a question about Kamala Harris' attack on Joe Biden in the first debate. She answered the question quickly.

After her response, Tulsi Gabbard changed the subject to Senator Harris being a law-bearing president.

Her first argument was about her record as attorney general of California. 1,500 individuals were prosecuted for marijuana-related offenses by her. This fact is not that shocking due to marijuana being illegal and one of the more common drugs in America today. Tulsi Gabbard's issue was an interview where she was laughing about her use own drug usage. This coming from a self-professed law and order president.

Another attack was against Harris withholding evidence for a man on death row. The man on death row was innocent. She withheld the information until she was forced by a court to release it.

Tulsi Gabbard was not done. She accused Kamala Harris of holding inmates past their sentencing dates. The prison population manufactures items for the state of California. The accusation was that she was holding them for their cheap labor to help the state of California.

The last accusation was Kamala Harris' support of the cash bail system.

Tulsi Gabbard stated that she supported the practice which affects minority citizens. Removing the cash bail system has grown in popularity in recent years.

Kamala Harris responses to Tulsi Gabbard’s attacks on her record as California attorney general

Kamala Harris responded to the direct attack from Tulsi Gabbard during the debate.

Harris stated that she was proud of her record as attorney general. She made sure everybody knew she was working for the second largest attorney general office in the nation behind the federal office of the attorney general.

Under her watch, she claimed the criminal justice system, while she was attorney general, became the model for the entire nation. Of course, that notion is hard to quantify. Prosecutors are supposed to follow the laws of the land and the Constitution of the United States.

Kamala Harris also stated that she is personally against the death penalty. Her personal belief did not stop her from pursuing death penalty cases which is the right thing to do as a prosecutor. This statement is contradictory to her actions.

If she was against the death penalty, then why did it take a court to force her to hand over documents proving a man’s innocence.

Reactions from Kamala Harris and press secretary, Ian Sams after the debate

After the debates, the candidates assemble for press interviews. The place they gather is called the Spin Room. That name is perfect for politics after a heated debate.

Kamala Harris did not discuss the attacks or defend her record as attorney general. She went on the attack against Tulsi Gabbard. A deflection that did not go unnoticed.

Tulsi Gabbard, in 2017, met with Bashar al-Assad, who is the dictator of Syria. Gabbard defends her meeting to stop the bloodshed of American soldiers. This is the same dictator that Trump has authorized two bombing campaigns against for using chemical weapons against the citizens of Syria.

Kamala Harris claimed that she was an Assad apologist. She never addressed her record. Harris deflected and went on the attack against Tulsi Gabbard.

She also dismissed the attack and the candidate herself. She bragged that she was a top tier candidate. With that statement, she dismissed the attack because of the current standing of the candidate. Kamala Harris did not mention that she got a tremendous bump in the polls after she attacked Joe Biden in the first debate.

Kamala Harris was not the only member of her campaign to go on the offensive. Her press secretary, Ian Sams also got in on the action. He started with the Russians.

In February 2019, NBC News ran a story about Russia interference in the current election cycle.

That story mentioned how Russia is supporting Tulsi Gabbard. He also brought the 2016 interference by the Russians.

He also tweeted about her relationship with Assad. He claimed that she was a friend of Bashar Assad.

The other followed in line with Kamala Harris about her an apologist of Assad.

He did not offer any evidence of Kamala Harris record as attorney general.

He deflected and tried to turn the tables on Tulsi Gabbard.

#KamalaHarrisDestroyed goes viral after debate

The latest poll has not been published after the second round of debates. After the debate, #KamalaHarrisDestroyed was trending on social media. It was the most popular hashtag after the debate for a while.

That cannot be good for Kamala Harris. This could be good for Tulsi Gabbard. It will be decided after the release of the next polling numbers.

Tulsi Gabbard has a real chance to see her numbers go up after her attack on Harris. This means that somebody would have to lose support.

The upcoming polling numbers are vitally important due to higher standards for entry into the upcoming debates. Some candidates have already qualified but the lower tier candidates need some help to qualify. Time will tell if Tulsi Gabbard's attacks on Kamala Harris will help her reach the next debate.