The focus is now on the re-election bid of President Donald Trump. It will take off from Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. He claims that 106,000 people want to attend the event and have requested tickets. However, accommodation in the venue is limited. Hence, many of them will have to jostle for space in the 20,000-seat Florida arena. His campaign also announced that an atmosphere of a carnival would prevail. There will be an abundance of food and entertainment. Branded as the ’45 Fest,’ it will begin long before the actual rally scheduled for 8 PM.

Daily Mail UK reports that if the expected turnout of Trump fans does really add up to 106,000, it would be a record of sorts. It will pale in comparison to an average day's attendance at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Additionally, the campaign has hired "The Guzzlers,” a Houston-based band through a Texas agent.

It could be a mega show

Michael Glassner is the campaign's chief operating officer. He said, “The President’s historic announcement of his second term presidential run has already generated tens of thousands of ticketing requests and will draw an enormous crowd.” He went on to note various attractions for the event like food, music, big screens, and a great time for all.

It seems last year 100,000 people wanted tickets for a rally in Houston. There is no confirmation on the numbers but there certainly was a long queue.

Daily Mail UK adds that in comparison, former Vice President Joe Biden, another 2020 hopeful is struggling to draw large crowds.

Similarly for California Sen. Kamala Harris who is also in the Presidential 2020 race. She launched her campaign in Oakland where about 20,000 people were present. In comparison, Donald Trump’s campaign will draw much more.

Donald Trump’s re-election bid

According to the Guardian, Donald Trump plans to launch his re-election campaign at a rally in the Amway Center.

Orlando is home to several sports teams and Florida is known for Cape Canaveral and Walt Disney World. When he made a bid for the White House in 2016, he was a property dealer and a reality TV star. He achieved his goal and proved that in America, anyone can be president.

He was the first person with no political or military experience who became the POTUS. His slogan was "Make America Great Again" (MAGA). During his 2016 campaign, he talked about building a Mexican border wall, which has yet to take any concrete shape. However, he did make efforts to defuse tension in the Korean peninsula. He held two summits with Kim Jong-un to convince him to abandon his nuclear ambitions. Although there is no confirmation on denuclearization, it is a fact that North Korea has slowed down on its nuclear activities for which Trump can take some credit.

On Tuesday 18 June, Donald Trump, accompanied by the First Lady, Melania Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, and Second lady Karen Pence, will hold a MAGA rally in Orlando, Florida. It will set the pace for the 2020 Presidential Election.