California saw an incident happen shortly after noon when authorities had to announce the closure of a sprawling 260-acre property because of a Brush Fire. It was a disappointment for the visitors who had come to enjoy in the huge amusement and water-park locate in Southern California. It was the Six Flags magic mountain and Hurricane Harbor and the facility resorted to evacuation, keeping in mind safety concerns of visitors as well as the employees

ABC News reports an eyewitness mentioning that park officials directed the visitors to the rear of the grounds because firefighters were engaged in firefighting activities near the entrance.

A person associated with the Los Angeles County Fire Department said to a section of the media that the park voluntarily evacuated visitors. It seems nine people suffered from smoke exposure and had to be shifted to the hospital. Many of them ran out in their bathing suits and it was a scary sight. The park ultimately closed for the day after the police reopened the roads and the visitors left.

Cause of fire not known

The climatic conditions were favorable for such a disorder. There was a sort of heat wave on with temperatures in the region of 100-degrees.

To add to the miseries, the conditions were hot, dry and windy and such a combination is always a matter of concern. Magic Mountain is located about 40 miles north of Los Angeles. ABC says the National Weather Service confirmed temperatures in the range of 96 degrees while the humidity was dipping to 10 percent accompanied by winds gusting to 25 mph.

Firefighters had to battle in these severe conditions. The cause of the fire is under investigation. It could be the result of global warming. This is because of the high temperature of the surroundings coupled with factors that could lead to sudden fires. Of course, there could be other reasons that will come out during investigations.

The fire took everyone by surprise

According to Daily News, it was a Sunday afternoon and visitors to the Six Flags Magic Mountain were enjoying the open spaces when there was panic. A 50-acre brush fire in Santa Clarita led to an evacuation of the park and visitors had to run for shelter. There was confusion and frayed nerves as the authorities decided to close the park at 4 PM – that was five hours too early.

The reason was to ensure that visitors did not come in the way of the Los Angeles County firefighters who were trying to contain the blaze. By 9:20 PM, it was 50 percent contained.

Initial investigations suggest the source of the fire was in an area of brush near the entrance to the theme park. Information on what might have caused the fire was not immediately available. As smoke engulfed the park, fire officials ordered visitors to both Magic Mountain and the Hurricane Harbor water park to evacuate. Within an hour, the fire had advanced towards the parking lot. However, the park ensured the reopening of blocked roads for vehicles to leave. It seems this was the first instance of the park closing down due to a brush fire.