Gun Violence has rocked New Zealand and the world was aghast at the death of at least 50 persons in two places of worship. The suspected gunman is a 28-year-old Australian who had no criminal record and owned multiple firearms that he bought legally. He stormed the two mosques in Christchurch when Friday midday prayers were in progress, shot the innocent worshippers including women and children and live-streamed the scenes over social media via a body-mounted camera. New evidence reported by the New York Times confirms some victims were children.

The Telegraph UK reports the Police said that initial evidence suggests the man, an Australian-born former fitness instructor and self-professed fascist, was the lone gunman. He left at least 50 dead with another 50 injured and hospitalized. It was the worst death toll in Christchurch. The Bangladesh cricket team, presently in New Zealand, had a narrow escape.

There were 17 members and their game against New Zealand on Saturday was postponed

Need to change gun laws

The sudden terrorist attack in Christchurch has taken the world by surprise. It is believed to be the deadliest against Muslims in the West in modern times. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern identified it as a well-planned act of terrorism and vowed to toughen the country's gun laws.

The firearms laws in New Zealand are lax compared to its neighbor Australia which had enforced strict gun control following a similar experience in 1996. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison agrees with Jacinda Ardern and described the gunman as "an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist".

The Telegraph UK says the gunman obtained a "Category A" gun license in November 2017.

This allowed him to purchase the weapons and he apparently had five of them in his possession. These included two semi-automatic rifles that he used in the massacre. There were also two IEDs (improvised explosive devices) found in a car that was neutralized by the military.

Wakeup call for the world

According to CNN, the massacre of at least 50 people by a gunman in a mosque in Christchurch has come as a wakeup call for the whole world. It falls in the category of a terrorist act. Some countries have faced such attacks but for New Zealand, it is a new development. It has taken the authorities by surprise and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed, "Our gun laws will change."

The current law states potential gun owners must be over the age of 16 and pass a police background check.

CNN goes on to add the biggest massacre in the country happened three decades back when a man killed 13 persons. The police estimate there is one gun for every three people in New Zealand while the ratio is one for every eight people in Australia. America has witnessed several incidents of gun violence and gun control measures can act as a deterrent.