Louisianans waiting with bated breath to learn about the fate of sports betting in their state will have to keep waiting until the 2019 legislative session when their state officials will keep up the debate on whether avid fans should be able to place monetary bets on their favorite teams and players.

State Senator Danny Martiny recently indicated that he intended to bring up the issue of sports betting during the 2019 legislation session with his colleagues, arguing that the revenue from permitting fans to bet on sports teams will help the state.

Bettor up in Louisiana

Legalizing sports wagering in Louisiana isn’t a new issue, but lawmakers have recently been taking up the cause with greater zeal because of national developments that could soon see sports bettors playing the odds all around the country. State Senator Dann Martiny has been particularly vocal about his intentions to try and legalize sports betting in Louisiana before other nearby localities do it first, stating that gambling revenue is sorely needed by state officials.

"I'm going to have a bill," Senator Martiny told The Advocate. "If we pass (it), we're going to be able to keep up with Mississippi."

Senator Martiny, like some other lawmakers elsewhere trying to push sports betting in their own states, is concerned that Louisiana could miss out on lucrative gambling revenue if it doesn’t get a leg up on other nearby states by legalizing it first.

Sports gambling across the US

In light of a recent Supreme Court ruling that opened the door for sports gambling across the country, nearby states like Mississippi have already gotten a head-start on fast-tracking sports betting in their territories. Reporting from Nola indicates that Mississippian officials expect millions in revenue to be generated if sports gambling is officially permitted.

Ronnie Jones, chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, warned that many in Louisiana were already online betting on sports today by making use of digital services and by traveling to nearby states. By officially legalizing sports wagering in Louisiana, Jones asserts, the state could crack down on shady and unregulated gambling markets that prey on consumers.

"They are happy to take your money in an uncontrolled and unregulated environment," Jones said when referencing illicit and oftentimes illegal services presently relied upon by Louisianans.

Before lawmakers can officially bring about sports wagering in Louisiana, however, they’ll need to meet in the 2019 legislative session and work out the dizzying specifics needed for such an occasion.