The highly anticipated G-7 summit held in Canada the weekend of June 8 did not begin or turn out as many had expected. President Trump arrived late to the summit and left early to meet with Kim Jong-un in Singapore for denuclearization talks. And although there was much to be discussed at the G-7 summit, like climate change, tariffs, and trade, he missed much of it, according to CNN. Trump even canceled a one-on-one meeting with France’s President Macron. So, it would seem, any major progress made by the group cannot be deemed a whole G-7 effort but rather G-6 plus one.

At some points of the summit, it appeared to be G-6 against 1, as seen by the photo tweeted out by members of four represented countries. Depending on the angle, the photo clearly depicted contention between the leaders.

Trump signals the G-7 summit is not important

Each chance the POTUS got, he lobbied for Russia to be part of the summit, saying it would be “more meaningful” if Russia was allowed to rejoin the group. This seemed to send a message as if to say the summit was of little importance—a sentiment that also appeared to be expressed through his body language of folded arms. During Trump's summit visit, he managed to isolate the United States from the rest of the group. According to CNN reports, on Saturday morning (June 9) Trump arrived at the gender equality breakfast an hour late and then left shortly after to board the US presidential plane, Air Force One, but not before talking to the media.

Trump insults former US presidents and allies

Prior to Donald’s departure and skipping out on the climate change meeting Saturday afternoon, he gave a press conference in which he accused US allies of robbing the ”piggy bank” that is America, referencing international trade.

He did not blame his fellow world leaders, however, instead, he blamed his predecessors and congratulated them for taking advantage of the US. When asked about the relationship between other countries, Trump appeared annoyed and said he had a great relationship with other leaders and referenced German President Merkel, French President Macron, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, saying it was a “10.” Perhaps the POTUS forgot that right up until the summit he upset Merkel, engaged in a Twitter spat with Macron, and had an unpleasant phone call with Trudeau, none of which points to positive relations between the US and its most faithful and trusted allies.

What’s next for America and world leaders?

Trump mentioned in the press conference that he would support free trade. Later, he said he would not endorse the final communique of the G-7 summit, reported the Wall Street Journal. So, in essence, nothing has been resolved as far as Trump reducing or eliminating the recent steel and aluminum tariffs imposed on countries, nor have other countries, like Canada, committed to eliminating their retaliatory tariffs. In fact, Prime Minister Trudeau publicly confirmed that Canada will move forward with imposing new tariffs on the US that will go into effect on July 1.

According to multiple news reports from the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, Canada is not the only country that has said they would respond to US tariffs with their own increases.

Other countries not part of the G-7, like Mexico and China, are joining Canada in retaliation. Some Americans, especially farmers, are concerned about pending tariffs on US exported goods because much of the US' pork and agriculture to be taxed will hurt farmers economically. According to CNN economy experts, the Asian Times, and the New York Times, many Americans oppose the tariffs and expect to see inflation spikes even in the wake of a strong economy.