We are less than a month away from the historic meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. June 12, the summit will be held in Singapore, but there is a growing amount of concern that the meeting might not happen. President Donald Trump agreed to meet Kim Jong-un face-to-face in a private meeting on a spur of the moment decision, and the meeting between the United States and North Korea could be an unprecedented opportunity for the president.

Arising concerns began after a senior White House official stated that a North Korean delegation failed to show up at a meeting with U.S.

officials to plan for the summit. Still optimistic, the same senior official reported that the United States would send their delegation back to Singapore this week for more planning.

President Trump also described his optimism about the meeting between Kim Jong-un and himself, saying there is “very substantial chance” that the meeting will happen next month.

Why is the summit between North Korea and the United States at risk?

The president has told reporters that if his demands and conditions of the summit are not met, then there will not be a meeting. One of the conditions is for North Korea to cease their nuclear weapon program. North Korea must agree on denuclearization to reach for peace between the two countries.

Kim Jong-un has threatened that if Mr. Trump demands this, then he will call off the summit entirely.

Early doubts of the summit progressing came when North Korea commented on the joint military exercises by both the United States and South Korean forces. According to The Guardian, U.S. national security advisor John Bolton has stated that the North Korean regime must hand over all of its nuclear weapons and production equipment before receiving any benefits.

President Donald Trump has threatened that if he refuses to take the deal, then North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will face the same fate as former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Despite growing conflict and rising concerns, Kim Jong-un presses on with the nuclear site closures. He invited a group of 30 foreign journalists from the U.S., UK, China, and South Korea to witness the closing ceremony of North Korea’s only nuclear testing site.

The closing ceremony will begin Thursday, May 24.

North Korea announced it would cease production because they have already proven their country’s capabilities and that it has already been “verified.”

South Korea might begin withdrawing American troops

To maintain peace with North Korea, former South Korean President Lee Myung Bak told an Atlantic reporter that the only way to denuclearize North Korea is for South Korea to withdraw U.S. troops from their homeland.

South Korean national security adviser Chun Yung Woo stated that they are willing to make a partial withdraw deal with the U.S. for a reduction of American forces in South Korea. The New York Times noted that the presence of American troops in South Korea causes significant tensions for North Korea, and the Pentagon might draft up plans for a reduction of the United States military forces in South Korea for President Trump to review.