Stefan Halper reportedly contacted members of the Trump campaign. He contacted Carter Page and George Papadopoulos according to NBC News. Both have been indicted in the Mueller investigation.

Papadopoulos was in contact with a Russian agent according to his plea agreement as reported on NBC News. The agent supposedly had information about Hillary Clinton's e-mails. This was before they were made public from the website Wikileaks.

Who is Stefan Halper?

Stefan Halper is an American who is a professor at Cambridge University. According to The Institute of World Politics, he has been at Cambridge since 2001.

He is the Director of American Studies.

Before working for Cambridge University, Halper worked for the White House from 1971 to 1977. He served under both Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He was domestic counsel and assistant chief of staff during that time.

He said in politics after 1977 working with Senator William Roth. After that, he worked for George H.W. Bush on policy issues during the campaign for Ronald Reagan. After Reagan was elected, he became assistant secretary of state focusing on politico-military affairs.

After his time in politics he was a majority shareholder for three different banks. He started his own company called, Halper, Roosevelt and Brown. He also was an adviser to the Department of Defense and Justice Department as he worked in the private sector.

He was no longer an adviser after he went to work with Cambridge University. Stefan Halper also wrote a weekly column about foreign policy and national security that was syndicated to thirty newspapers nationally.

Stefan Halper's involvement

According to Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller, Stefan Halper met with Carter Page shortly after Page's trip to Russia in July 2016.

They met several more times during the next fourteen months. Once even meeting at Halper's Virginia ranch. Carter Page said that "nothing of substance" was discussed in those meetings according to Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller. These meetings occurred during the time that Carter Page was under surveillance by the United States government.

NBC News reports that George Papadopoulos was summoned to London to meet Stefan Halper for an paper on energy. He was actually paid 3000 dollars for the work on that paper. They met several times over his stay and this occurred in September 2016. Papadopoulos later told associates that he thought Stefan Halper's demeanor was odd. In retrospect, he suspected that he was working for a government agency as reported by NBC News.

There was an informant during Trump's presidential campaign working with the FBI as reported by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller. Stefan Halper met with both Carter Page and George Papdopoulos, who later were under surveillance by the FBI. This surveillance was part of Crossfire Hurricane, which was the name of the operation looking into Russia collusion with the Trump campaign.

Chuck Ross from the Daily Caller has named Stefan Halper as the FBI contact, although there has not been an official announcement from the FBI or Department of Justice.

Stefan Halper was in close contact with Carter Page during his surveillance from the FBI. He also has been linked to the CIA according the Chuck Ross. Ray Cline was his father-in-law and a renown agent in the CIA. He was reported to be head of CIA analysts who were tracking the Jimmy Carter campaign during George H.W. Bush's failed bid for the presidential nomination in 1980.

Consequences of Stefan Halper's involvement

The investigation into Russia collusion was started from information reportedly obtained from the FBI informant.

This investigation was started before Donald Trump won the election. Robert Mueller just celebrated the year anniversary of his appointment as special counsel for this investigation.

This investigation caused indictments of both Stephen Page and George Papadopoulos. Papadopoulus pleaded guilty to charges of lying to investigators. The investigation started during the campaign.

The official start has not been announced. A report is due out about the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. It is for another investigation that was occurring about the same time. This report might give some clues into the Russia collusion investigation.

The biggest question of this whole investigation is whether they had the authority to start the investigation. If they did not then the government abused their power. The coincidence of Stefan Halper contacting and developing a relationship with two people that were investigated with Crossfire Hurricane is hard to ignore.

The consequences of this type of investigation could lead to one of the biggest scandals in United States. The Watergate scandal forced President Nixon to resign.

It was determined later that he did not have any involvement with the break-in. This was an ongoing investigation that President Obama had to know it was ongoing. The United States government should not be used as an investigative branch for presidential campaigns. No official announcement has been made of the involvement of the FBI or Department of Justice.