Robert Mueller has been investigating Russia collusion with the 2016 presidential election. He has not proven any collusion but has found other crimes. He has indicted 19 individuals and three Russian companies.

According to the Associated Press, the investigation should be about two different questions. The first one being collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. The other question is whether the members of the campaign are interfering with the ongoing investigation. Those are the two main questions about the Mueller investigation.

Robert Mueller biography

Robert Mueller has worked many years for the United States government. He was a decorated marine during the Vietnam War. He was a prosecutor for the Department of Justice for many years. He was the leader of the criminal division of the Department of Justice. He became head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation right before 9/11. He saw an expansion of the FBI to include more agents and a bigger budget during his tenure. This was due to the increased workload to prevent further terrorist attacks on American soil. His term was extended until James Comey was announced as his replacement in 2013.

Robert Mueller has plenty of experience to head the investigation. His successor had an interesting quote according to AP News.

James Comey said, "investigators who spend a year digging into something are 'incompetent' if they don't know where their case is heading." Robert Mueller has been investigating for a year and there are still no charges proving collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia.

Robert Mueller's investigation

Rudy Giuliani, during his interview on the "Ingraham Report" on Fox New,s said, "It's been a year, he's gotten more than 1.4 million documents, he's interviewed 28 witnesses, and he has nothing, which is why he wants to bring the president into an interview." He has not interviewed Donald Trump during this investigation, although he has been investigating for a year.

It was Donald Trump's campaign and Robert Mueller has not even interviewed him.

Mueller has gotten indictments on 19 individuals and three Russian companies. He has even gotten some guilty pleas out of these indictments. None of the indictments have been for collusion, according to AP News. They have been for business transactions outside the campaign.

They have involved members of the campaign but they did not happen during the campaign. The members of the campaign charged are Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and Rick Gates. Flynn and Gates have already pleaded guilty.

The Russian companies and individuals have not been charged with collusion. According to AP News, they have been charged with investing in a social campaign to influence the election. This is an important issue but not Russian collusion. This shows the expansion of the original investigation into either collusion or obstruction. According to AP News, they have interviewed a Lebanese-American businessman. He was having a meeting in Trump Tower with members of the campaign. He was invited to a meeting involving a crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

This is an expansion of the original investigation. There could not be any Russian collusion with the prince of Abu Dhabi. This is a completely different direction for the investigation.

Robert Mueller's future

The investigation is still in progress. What are the next steps to take in this investigation? Remember James Comey even said that in no direction in a year, then you are "incompetent," quoted by AP News.

Robert Mueller really only has the interview with Donald Trump left. Donald Trump has said that he has no problem with an interview with Robert Mueller. Most likely it will not happen until after the North Korean summit, according to AP News. The interview was scheduled to be conducted prior to May 17, according to AP News.

Department of Justice memos in 1973 and 2000 state that a sitting president cannot be indicted, as reported by AP News. Those were the years that Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were facing possible impeachment. Nixon ended up resigning the presidency and Bill Clinton continued his presidency. The investigation has not proven any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign so far.