Tensions between Iran and Israel are beginning to heat up, when the two enemies exchanged fire during the night in Golan Heights on late Wednesday (May 9). According to CNN, Israel reported more than 20 rockets launched by Iranian forces in Syria and aimed towards Israeli territory. The Iranian missiles were intercepted by Israel’s aerial defense system, which concluded in sudden explosions in the night sky.

Just two days after President Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini warned the president in a message that stated, “you’ve made a mistake.” In an hour after opting-out of the agreement, Israel launched an air attack on Syrian military outpost near the capital of Damascus.

Iranian leaders have not issued a statement in response to the attacks, but according to CNN, it will be the first time Iranian forces launched rockets to purposely attack Israel.

Russia, France, and Germany have issued a statement that both countries -- Iran and Israel -- to “exercise restraint,” but according to BBC News, the U.S. accuses Iran as the main aggressor. U.S. officials stated that Iran held, “full responsibility for the consequences of its reckless actions.” The U.S. felt that Israel bore the right to defend itself against its enemies.

What exactly happened in Golan Heights?

Golan Heights is a city near Damascus, which is the capital of Syria. Since the Middle East War in 1967, Israel has occupied Golan Heights.

The two enemies exchanged fire during the night, crisscrossing rockets against the night sky as innocent people watched in horror. According to CNN, Israel’s Iron Dome, which is an aerial defense system, intercepted four Iranian rockets. There were no hits located in Israel. There are three recorded deaths and two injuries in Syria due to Israeli missiles.

The attack also destroyed Syria's radar station, ammunition depot, and caused severe damage to Syria’s air defense.

What was the motive?

In an hour after President Donald Trump opted-out of the nuclear agreement with Iran, Israel launched an attack on Syria. In retaliation, Iran -- who supports Syria -- launched missiles threatening and showcasing their strength and power onto Israel.

Though, why did the two countries open fire?

Tensions between Iran and Israel has been building for years, and there has been no report outlining the reasons why behind these attacks. After the Israeli attacks on Tuesday, the country went on high-alert, anticipating the response of an Iranian attack. Some speculate Donald Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal created a sense of panic and destabilization in the Middle East, particularly in Iran and Israel.

It is not certain that the response of missile air strikes had anything to do with Donald Trump’s decision to opt-out of the Iran nuclear deal.

A world thirsty for war

The attacks between Israel and Iran is enough evidence to show the world that we are one bomb away from a full-blown war.

The moment Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran agreement, Israel went on high-alert expecting an attack made by Iranian forces. Though it was an Israeli missile that was launched onto a Syrian military outpost, Iran fired back in retaliation.