Logan Paul is a true YouTube star, with over 17 million subscribers on the platform. So for him, a trip to Yosemite National Park to celebrate his birthday was well-documented and full of fans. The problems started when Logan Paul and his friends decided to pitch a tent on top of their bus because they didn't have reservations for a campsite.

To make matters worse, the people inside the tents thought it would be safe to stay in the tents while the bus was moving. So park rangers cited him for "unsafe operation of a motor vehicle," according to Fox News.

And a good thing too, because the rangers prevented a possible accident. There's a reason people don't usually pitch their tents on top of a moving bus.

Logan Paul gets in trouble at the campsite

Later, his fan base found out that he was in the park, and that he needed a place to pitch his tent for the night. Campsites for this popular national park are often booked months in advance, but that didn't stop Paul from showing up with his friends. And obviously, there was no reason for him to worry about trivial things like a campsite reservation because his fans came through for him. They gave him a spot, and so he proceeded to make noise. A lot of noise. So much noise, that the park rangers were summoned again.

This time, they asked him to leave. Not just the campground, but the national park.

Logan Paul filmed a car crash, some think it was to get more views

Mashable also reported that the Youtube Star "exploit[ed] car crash for vlog views," referencing a scene in his "OUR LAST DAY IN YOSEMITE WAS A DISASTER" video.

Logan Paul comes upon the aftermath of what appears to be a minor car wreck and asks the people if they are okay. The video quickly switches gears from the car crash survivors and goes into how Logan Paul was also "fighting for his life" after falling into the river while kayaking when people on the road were also "fighting for their lives." It's a weak comparison, considering that Paul jumped back into the river to retrieve his kayak without a second thought.

It's apparently all just a day in the life of this YouTube star. However, it's questionable whether Logan Paul has learned his lesson yet on what he should and should not include when editing his videos.

Logan Paul's fans have stuck around

Paul's core fan base seems to have stuck around, even after he received tons of negative press and criticism last December. The YouTube star went on a trip to Japan and posted a video trivializing suicide and even filming someone who had reportedly committed suicide. The backlash led to YouTube demonetizing his videos, as he was criticized for being insensitive and doing whatever he wanted in order to get high view counts.