Donald Trump doesn't like Amazon, he's expressed his disdain in numerous tweets. After the Axios news site published a report outlining the issues, the president took to Twitter once again. So, why does Donald Trump have a problem with America's most successful company? In a tweet, the president accused Amazon of failing to pay enough taxes, putting thousands of retailers out of business and using the US postal system as a delivery boy.

What's more, according to Axios, the president is considering taking action against Amazon under competition law.

When asked whether the president was planning to target Amazon, Sarah Sanders, the press secretary, said no specific plans were currently under consideration. Nonetheless, she also stated that "the president has said many times before he is always looking to create a level playing field for all businesses, and this is no different." Several media outlets picked up on this story in recent days, among them Jimmy Kimmel, who had his very own take on Donald Trump's dislike of Amazon.

Is the president right about Amazon?

Let's look at the president's problems with Amazon. Has Amazon put thousands of retailers out of business? Perhaps. Critics argue, however, that Amazon's success is down to consumer choice and that you cannot blame Amazon for simply doing a better job, giving customers more choice and excellent prices.

What about Amazon's use of the US postal service? Here, people argue that Amazon, like any other bulk customer, negotiates rates with the postal service. What's more, many believe that Amazon provides the postal service with much-needed business. And what about Amazon not paying enough taxes? In many US states, Amazon already collects third party sales taxes.

Still, the White House is considering the introduction of a nationwide internet sales tax, and observers believe Amazon would have no option but to comply and that you cannot blame the company for only paying what is required by law as far as taxes goes.

Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, a paper Donald Trump hates

Donald Trump doesn't try to hide his deep dislike of the Washington Post, and perhaps that's where the real issue lies.

Known for continually casting a critical eye on the president's policies and actions, the Washington Post has broken many stories criticizing the White House. In turn, Donald Trump has accused the WP of printing fake news.

Amazon stock hit hard by Trump tweets

Forbes has estimated that Donadl Trump's tweets have cost Amazon $114 billion. During the week between the 26th of March and 2nd of April, Amazon stock price dropped by about 10 percent. It comes as no surprise that Jeff Bezos now wants to send the president into space.