As the Universal Orlando Resort just acquired more space for their amusement park, they are in the early stages of developing its Super Nintendo World project. While the resort is creating the future project, it is rumored that Pokemon is coming to Universal.

Super Nintendo World project

Pokemon is rumored to be a part of the future Super Nintendo World project that Universal is working towards. The popular video game and franchise is going to be added to the KidZone section of Universal Studios which is where Woody Woodpecker and Barney are located.

Even though Universal has not revealed any details for the future plans of the Super Nintendo World project, the first expansion of the new land is going to be built in the Universal Studios in Japan. The Nintendo project that is being built in Japan is set to be complete by 2020.

There were other rumors about other parts of the Super Nintendo World project such as the Donkey Kong ride and the Mario Kart ride. There are going to be other parts of the Nintendo project but they could be put in a fourth gate that Universal owns on Universal Boulevard.

Even though it is said that the rumored Donkey Kong and Mario Kart rides are going to take the place in the KidZone section, the latest report out states that Pokemon is going to take their place instead.

There are many for rides, shows, and more and they have huge potential to sell merchandise.

Since Pokemon first came out in 1996, more than 300 million copies of the Pokemon games have been sold worldwide. In addition, there have been more than 30 sequels of the series on handheld Video Game Consoles and on home video game consoles.

Putting a popular series like Pokemon in Universal makes perfect sense. Pokemon has crossed through a lot of different generations and has yet to decrease in sales. What this could mean for Universal is that when they come out with new versions of the Pokemon game, TV show, and other media productions, it could provide future stories and characters for Universal for them to use in the theme parks.

Other Attractions

In addition to Universal Studios adding Pokemon to their theme park in Orlando, Universal Studios will be opening their Fast and Furious ride which is called Supercharged in Spring of 2018. We should also look forward to the Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle in the Islands of Adventure park which is rumored to come out in Summer of 2018.

Attractions, like Pokemon and others that may be currently in the works, will help Universal attract visitors and keep the upward momentum for the Orlando theme park.