Criminal charges may be filed soon in relation to an alleged crime that occurred in July 2015 in a remote area of the Idaho Mountains where two-year-old, DeOrr Kunz went missing and has never been found.

DeOrr Kunz was with his parents, his grandfather and a friend of the grandfather’s and it was to be a time of fun for baby DeOrr Kunz, who was lovingly called, “Little Man.' They went on a camping trip and now nearly three years later, the case may end up with criminal charges filed and a possible chance of finding the baby’s body, the Idaho State Journal reported.

The case of DeOrr Kunz disappearance

The case appears to center around his parents, his grandfather, and the friend of the grandfather. The grandfather, who went by Grandpa Bob, said that he would watch DeOrr while the family left the campsite and went fishing but when DeOrr’s father came back, baby DeOrr was missing.

At the time, after a call was placed to 911 by the parents, police officials thought that he may have walked into the Salmon National Forest that surrounded the Idaho campsite where the family was staying. After a massive search for the missing boy, theories began wandering in about whether he was abducted, taken by a wild animal or if he drowned in a nearby river.

Accounts of events begin to diverge

At the same time, as answers to the events remained elusive, and the parents voluntarily agreed to do multiple polygraph tests, but their recollection of episodes leading up to the vanishing of DeOrr started to deviate. The parents, according to the Sheriff’s office, were the prime suspects in the investigation and many in the local community questioned whether the parents were telling the truth.

PEOPLE magazine was told by the Sheriff in November 2017 that all four have not been cleared of involvement in DeOrr's disappearance and stated, “It’s still an open investigation.”

Law-enforcement officer, K9 encounter may provide clues in the case

With over two decades of law enforcement, K9 search and rescue officer, Trace Dargent based in Georgia, happened upon a lost puppy, that she named, “Chance.” She and Chance seem to be a good source for helping to solve cold cases.

Along with her dogs, Trace has worked internationally on cases such as the investigation into the disappearance of Natalie Holloway and the toddler, Caylee Anthony, as well as natural disasters, 11Alive News Atlanta has reported.

However, prior to becoming a very prominent K9 trainer, she was just looking for a new venture. Trace and Chance were asked in 2016 by private investigators to assist in the vanishing of the two-year-old. Their search started in Idaho Falls and then proceeded along the path to Timber Creek Campsite where DeOrr was most recently seen. At the campsite, Chance picked up a scent and although at the time of this writing, nothing has been found, however, it did show that the dog would be useful and may help law enforcement find the missing child.