After spending five and a half hours with the special counsel on Saturday, Sam Nunberg is convinced Russia probe is “not a witch hunt.’’ Nunberg was a former aide to the president during the 2016 presidential campaign. According to a report by The Sun, Nunberg was fired in 2015 after posting racial comments on his Facebook. Trump later sued him for $10 million claiming he violated a non-disclosure agreement by leaking campaign information. Nunberg denied the allegations and settled for an undisclosed amount.

Interview with ABC News

In an exclusive interview with the Abc News, Sam said the testimony is warranted, and he doesn't think the special counsel is targeting the president.

However, his concern for Roger Stone remains the same. According to Sam, Roger is “at least the subject of this investigation.”

Roger Stone has been an adviser and friend to Trump for many years, according to CNN. After his testimony before the special counsel, Stone told ABC News that he knew Mueller would ask him to hand over his emails and documents but he told the lead investigator he had no involvement whatsoever in Russia collusion.

On Monday, Nunberg launched a tedious tear through the media making close to six appearances on media networks. Nunberg made headlines after announcing his intention to defy the special counsel’s subpoena. In most of his interviews, Nunberg talked of how the Russia probe was a witch hunt for Roger stone whom, according to Sam, is like family.

Nunberg told Washington Post that Mueller would have to arrest him as he was going to defy his subpoena.

Mueller investigation targets president's former aides

In his recent interview with ABC News, Nunberg said his interviews on Monday were only to put a show to illustrate what the Mueller investigation “is doing to people like him.” Nunberg considers himself as collateral damage in the investigation.

Now walking back on his previous rants, the former aide said he was always going to testify as the law requires it and being an attorney he was bound to obey.

However, Nunberg refused to get into the specifics of his five-hour session with Mueller and his team; he only said his testimony revolved more on the president's campaign aides than Trump himself.

According to ABC News, Nunberg was asked a few questions about Trump’s business and his political affiliation with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. Nunberg is yet to complete his testimony as he is scheduled to testify five more times.