The 23-year-old grad student of Wilfrid Laurier University Lindsay Shepherd unwillingly became a public figure after a recording surfaced on the internet late last year. Her so-called crime involved showing first-year students a clip from a national television debate on gender-neutral pronouns featuring University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson. She was impressed with the intelligence and maturity of her audience and therefore encouraged friendly discussion on this topic. According to the University, there were complaints that her actions caused harm to transgender students.

She found herself up against two professors and a university official. They criticised her neutral position on the topic instead of taking a left wing biased position. Her instinct to record the meeting served her well. The reaction has generated a national debate about Freedom Of Speech and the extreme leftist propaganda being forced on impressionable young people. Further news has surfaced claiming that no student complained about Shepherd. This has made the whole story even darker. Lindsay was branded ‘transphobic’ after the incident from left wing media.

Dave Rubin invited her his popular youtube show "The Rubin Report" to give her side of the story on December 1st. They listened to the recording and critiqued the insanity of the staff at the University.

Shepherd explained that she had seen herself as a leftist, but this incident has shown her how corrupt left-wing politics had become. As the left shunned her and branded her the usual derogatory names, the friendly conservatives embraced her with open arms. She said she was still a liberal but was now questioning her side of politics.

The second incident that pushed Shepherd further away from left-wing politics happened after she invited far right-wing commentator Faith Goldy to speak at Laurier earlier this month. She wanted to people to hear opposing views and deconstruct them instead of silencing them. Shepherd was subsequently branded a ‘white supremacist’ from those on the left.

This is very likely to be the final cause of her abandonment from the left wing movement. She has not confirmed whether she is now a conservative, but her video makes it clear that she does not want to be associated with left-wing behavior.

Why she left the left

Here are the main points she made about Leftists;

-They are pro-censorship

-They encourage victim culture

-They claim to be morally righteousness.

-They believe that being offended results in a moral victory

-They dismiss any personal responsibility

-They are intolerant of the diversity of thought

-They lack a sense of humor

-If you are not 100 committed to them, they vicariously target you with names and slander your reputation making it difficult to find employment.

Left-wing discontent is common

The conservatives seem to be winning with reports showing generation Z are more conservative than millennials. Trump is in the white house. Britain voted for Brexit. Italy, Germany, Austria, and France have seen an increase in right-wing support. This is not the time for left-wingers to be fencing people out. They need to change their strategy.