The shooting incident in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 people has forced the authorities to have a look at the existing Gun Control laws and consider changes. The gunman was a 19-year-old man, and an AR-15 rifle in his hand was a recipe for disaster. President Donald Trump has viewed this seriously and wants to ensure the safety of school children from such attacks.

CNN reports that two major retailers have decided to ban the sale of guns similar to the one used in the Parkland shooting. The two businesses are Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart.

The gun sellers

The decision taken by Dick's Sporting Goods is in keeping with current sentiments without waiting for modified gun control laws. The gunman armed with the AR-15 entered the high school in Parkland, Florida and sprayed bullets indiscriminately. The sight of the dead and the wounded left the others traumatized.

Dick’s is the largest sporting goods retailer in the United States with 852 stores. It will stop selling assault-style weapons like the one used in the Parkland, Florida high school shooting. It will also raise the minimum age for all gun sales to 21, and will not sell high-capacity magazines that allow shooters to fire without reloading. It will also stop selling accessories that are usually used with weapons similar to the AR-15.

The company is aware that it will face criticism from different quarters, and its sales will be affected, but it feels actions of this nature will have a positive impact on society.

Others in the fray

Walmart is another retailer that sells weapons. According to CNN, it has also announced certain measures to prevent a tragedy like the one in Florida where the gunman shot dead 17 people in cold blood.

Walmart has also raised the minimum age for purchase of firearms and ammunition to 21 without waiting for an amendment to gun control laws.The company has also decided to remove items from its website that could resemble assault-style rifles.

The Guardian adds that Walmart stopped selling AR-15 guns and other semi-automatic weapons in 2015.

Moreover, it does not sell bump stocks which can be fitted onto semi-automatic firearms to convert them into automatic weapons.

The Lexington Herald-Leader has provided more information. They say, Kroger, which owns Fred Meyer stores, has also indicated its decision to stop selling guns to anyone who is under 21 at its Fred Meyer locations. Others who have taken a stand are First National Bank of Omaha, the biggest privately owned United States bank, and Enterprise Holdings, operator of Alamo Rent a Car and National Car Rental. They all have ended partnerships with the National Rifle Association. It a separate move related to the topic, PayPal has suspended its account with Buds Gun Shop because they violated the company policy which bans the purchase of guns or ammunition.