A tour Bus carrying teenage students plummeted off an Alabama interstate into a ravine on Tuesday leaving one dead and others injured. According to the police, the driver died at the scene, and five of the teenagers were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The County Sherriff told reporters that the vehicle hit the median, crossed to the opposite lane and fell down a steep sloped. The Rescue team had to work quickly to save the survivors forcing them to use ropes to rappel down from the roadway to the wreckage. The team was able to rescue 37 of the 49 individuals on the bus.

Some of the survivors had to be cut free from the bus and were later treated for injuries, according to The Associated Press. Details of the deceased driver have not been released, and no other fatality has been reported.

Parents relieved to see their children

The bus was one of two vehicles chartered to return the students to Houston, Texas after spending the day in Disneyworld. The second bus arrived in the school and found parents waiting to see their children. KPRC reported that family members ran to hug students as they came out of the second bus.

The school superintendent confirmed that the first bus carried 40 students and six adult staffers from the school.

Josh Torres said his 17-year old sister, Bianca Torres was among the victims of the Accident. According to Josh, his sister was sitting in the back seat when the bus crashed and threw her forward. Bianca sustained injuries in her leg but was treated after the rescue.

Investigations begin

Six helicopters airlifted the survivors from the scene rushing them to area hospitals. First Class Tours based in Houston owns the bus involved in the accident. In response to the incident, the company issued a statement saying the company will cooperate with the authorities in every way possible and all their prayers are with the families of the victims.

The company has built a bad reputation in the past two years with four of their vehicles being involved in four accidents-one of them fatal, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Safety Board records. The National Transportation Safety Board has sent six representatives to investigate the accident.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that he wished a quick recovery for those injured in the crash and thanked the Alabama first responders for heroically pulling survivors out of the wreckage. An investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and so far details of why the bus suddenly entered the grassy median have not been released.